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State College Area School District

Our Mission: To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education

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Welcome to the Special Education Department

The Special Education Department provides programs and services in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and PA Chapter 14 Special Education Program for students with disabilities. Special education services are provided according to the primary educational needs of the child, not the category of disability. Related services are designed to enable the child to participate in or access his or her program of special education. Examples of related services are speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nursing services, audiologist services, counseling, and family training.

Pennsylvania Parent Guide to Special Education for School-Age Children - Parents know their child better than anyone else and have valuable information to contribute about the kinds of programs and services that are needed for their child’s success in school. To ensure the rights of children with a disability, additional laws have been enacted. In this guide we use the terms “rules” and “regulations.” This booklet has been written to explain these rules so parents will feel comfortable and can better participate in the educational decision-making process for their child. The chapters that follow address questions that parents may have about special education, relating to their child who is thought to have, or may have, a disability.
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For additional information, please contact us:

Sharon Salter, Director.....(814) 231-1072
Heather Pringle, Assistant Director......(814) 231-4172
Gail Richner, Secretary to the Director........(814) 231-1072
Julie Coleman, Secretary to the Assistant Director......(814) 231-4172
Jennifer Lucas, Special Education Curriculum Specialist.......... (814) 272-8392
Leslyn Radomsky, Assistive Technology Consultant......................... (814) 231-1076                            

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