Ferguson Township Elementary

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 Family Farm
Hello! My name is Lori Dreibelbis and I'm the kitchen manager at Ferguson Elementary. Before coming to Ferguson I was a hairstylist for 14 years. I started working in the kitchen when my youngest was in kindergarten and I never left. That really wasn't the plan, but I love it and can't imagine leaving! I really enjoy serving up fresh healthy meals everyday to all the kiddo's at Ferguson!!

I live on our family dairy farm located on Tadpole Road. My husband, Randy, and youngest son, Derek, work full-time on the farm. We have two other grown children, Heather and Dustin, and a son in law, Matt, that work part-time on the farm. We also have a grandson named Colby that can't wait till he's big enough to help with the milking! I also have two very grown up dogs. Riley is a yellow lab and she's 10. Cubby is a lhasa poo and he's almost 16! Riley and I like to go for long walks around the farm everyday.

If you have any questions or comments please don't ever hesitate to email me at lad14@scasd.org or give me a call at 231-1092.