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Almanacs, Atlases, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias & Other Reference Sources
 Check the "Facts"  (if the fact is surprising and important, you should check it against at least 2 other sources)
   Politics - aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in US politics
      PolitiFact - launched by the Tampa Bay Times
      Truth Needle - launched by the Seattle Times
   Background of People or Words  
      InFoplease - best online almanac - specialized for people's background
      Acronym Finder
   Health Information
      Intelihealth - Harvard University-affiliated
   Drug Information

REFERENCE SITES - Where to find the answers to your questions...
Acronym Finder
Almanac/Dictionary/Encyclopedia by "InfoPlease"
Year by Year 1900-2007 from "InfoPlease"
Almanacs/Factbooks/Statistics etc. by Fast Facts
Area Code directory
Atlas - World
Ancient - "A Walk Through Time"
Calendars Through the Ages
Calendars, Perpetual - A search index for dates in time
Cities:, statistics of all US cities
U. S. Cities information
Conversions - for Metric System
Measure 4 Measure - estimate, calculate, evaluate, translate
Roman Numeral Converter
Currency - converts US and Foreign currency
Flags of the World
Flags plus country information
Flags, maps, information from World
Grammar - great links
Guinness Book of World Records
Museums - International Council of Museums -online directory
Nobel Prize winners
Pulitzer Prize Winners - Indexed by year since 1917
Bartlett's Quotations
The Quotations Page
Brainy Quotes - 45,000 quotes from 5,000 people
Sacred Texts Archive
Belief Net
Early Christian Writings
5 year religious holiday calendar
State Handbooks and Guides
State Master
State Profiles by E-Podunk
State Statistics by ER Systems
Health Statistics by State
Thesaurus - Roget's Thesaurus
Translations - Microsoft Live - 11 languages, text or web pages
Time - Current time anywhere in the world
Zip Codes

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