Easterly Parkway Elementary

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As in the past, carts of iPads and laptops will be cleaned and updated during the maintenance process.  The maintenance schedule beginning on October 7th, will also be posted on the carts.  Please make a note in your plans, as the carts won't be available for use on maintenance days.
Cart numberAssigned to....2014-15 Maintenance dates
5th grade laptopsNov. 19, Mar. 12
4th grade laptopsNov. 20, Mar. 13
3rd grade laptops
Nov. 21, Mar. 16
specialists laptops
Nov. 19, Mar. 17
105specialists iPads
Oct. 7, Jan. 14
1062nd grade iPads
Oct. 7, Jan. 14
1071st grade iPads
Oct. 7, Jan. 14
108Kindergarten iPadsOct. 7, Jan. 14
5th and 3rd laptops
Nov. 24, Mar. 18
110Primary iPads
Oct. 7, Jan. 14
 Librarydesktops   Nov. 12, Mar. 2
Last Modified on September 18, 2014