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College Preparatory Final Exam


1.    Since the Civil War, which event had the most significant impact on US history?


Under each heading choose one issue and explainwhy you believe it is the most significant issue. Make connections. 



  • Carnegie and the growth of big business 1890 –1910
  • TR’s response to Trusts
  • The Depression 1929 - 1939
  • FDR’s response to the Depression 1932 - 1939
  • Other


Social/Civil Rights

  • The end of slavery 13th Amendment1863
  • Reconstruction 1865 – 1876?
  •  14th and 15th amendments
  • Women’s rights movement
  • 19th Amendment
  • Civil Rights movement
  • Other



  • Imperialism 1890 - 1914
  •  WWI 1914 - 1918
  • Isolation after WWI 1920 – 1939
  • Pearl Harbor and US entry into WWII 1941 – 1945
  • Use of atomic weapons
  • Cold War 1945 – 1990ish
  • Other


2.    The question I asked you on the first day of school was:


“Has the Civil War ended? Has the US lived up the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution?”


Well, has it? Explain.


3.    In a sentence or two, what is the most important learning you will take away from this class?

  • What grade do you deserve this year?



Forrest Gump Part II

Ø The original film ends in 1981 with the AIDS crisis just beginning.

Ø Since that time 31 years of history have occurred.

Ø Below is a short list of historical events

o   Space shuttles and the Challenger disaster

o   End of the Cold War

o   Gulf War I

o   US Government shutdown

o   Impeachment of President Clinton

o   Technology BOOM and BUST

o   Election of 2000

o   9/11

o   Afghanistan and Iraq wars

o   The Great Recession and the banking, housing, and auto crisis

o   Election of Barack Obama

o   Iraq war ends


Ø In groups of up to 5

Ø Choose the 5 most significant events in the time from 1981 and 2012

Ø For each event:

o   Explain why these events are the MOST SIGNIFICANT and how the selected events relate to past historical events

o   Find a song that refers to the event

o   Find a political cartoon. primary source document/s, or artistic representation of the event

o   Present your events and one song to the class


Forrest Gump Self Evaluation

1.  What did you do well?


2.  What did you NOT do well?


3.  What was the most important thing you wanted the other students to know about your topic? Were you successful in making this happen? How do you know?


4.  How did your topic “fit” in the 1950s – 1980s time frame?


5.  Which presentation was most important in gaining a deeper understanding of the time period? Why?


6.  Which presentation was the best? Why?


7.  What grade do you deserve for your work on this project?


Forrest Gump Learning

“Every event in history is connected.”

Using this quote as a beginning point:


What did you learn about American History from the film, the presentations, and the discussions in class?  Cite a minimum of 3 examples that show your understanding of American history in the 1950 - 1981 time frame.

WWII NOTES                                                                                     
USFP to WWII assignment
You may choose to write a Dr. Seuss type poem highlighting all the critical elements of the  USFP from 1920 - 1941.
You may to write a series of haiku poems 5-7-5
You may create a political cartoon/s illustrating your understanding of USFP from 1920 -1941
Whatever your choice, make sure I believe you know the arguments for and against US involvement.
Make sure I believe you know the arguments for and against US involvement. MY EXAMPLES 
Four Freedoms Speech FDR Jan. 1941
Atlantic Charter FDR Aug 14, 1941
Lend Lease speech FDR Aug 21, 1941
Based on your readings, in class discussions, videos, and any other materials, was the US already at war with the Axis countries PRIOR to the attack at Pearl Harbor? Does war only mean combat?
Immigration DREAM Act
ESSAY: Due 18 November

Which reform from the Progressive Era had the most significant impact on contemporary America? Explain.

§  Women

§  Child labor

§  Civil Rights

§  Workers rights

§  Immigration reform

§  City improvements

§  Other

What is the relationship between the various reform movements?

US in 20th Century  
Primary Source readings US Imperialism
WWI position paper: Maximum of 200 words. Using at least 2 examples from the war message and any in class discussion, would you declare war on Germany?
Iran simulation - Should the US declare war on Iran? 
Please read the following articles from various newspapers and various viewpoints. Using at least 3 specific examples from the articles and any other legitimate source, write a position paper outlining whether you would vote FOR or AGAINST a war declaration against Iran.
Answer the question: Is war with Iran in America's best interest? 
Treaty to end all Treaties - Versailles
The 20's
Hooverville 2012

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