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Gray's Woods Elementary

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Dividing Fractions Game
Properties of Addition 
Decimal Rounding Games
Long Division Game


Animal Kingdom





Invertebrate Surfin’ the Web



Sponges, or Porifera:




Cnidaria, Coelenterates,Stinging Celled Animals:





Flatworms, orPlatyhelminthes:




Annelida, or SegmentedWorms:









Math Games:

Colonial Websites:
* Revolutionary War Topics


* Boston Massacre

* Stamp Act

*Boston Tea Party


*Lexington and Concord


*Battles at Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill


*General George Washington & Thomas Paine


*Declaration of Independence

Pumpkin Webquest Sites

A. Use ONLY the following Website to answer the following questions inyour packet:

1. Pumpkins originated in what country? _____________2. Pumpkins are______percent water.3. Pumpkins are a_________.    (a)fruit (b) vegetable (c) bread  (d)meat4. About 90-95% of the processed pumpkins in the United States    aregrown in which state?  ______________________5. Native Americans used pumpkin seeds for _____________    and___________.6. Pumpkins contain potassium and Vitamin ______.

B. Use THIS website to find the answers to thesepumpkin questions in your packet:

7.    The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed___________________         pounds.8.    This pumpkin was recorded on October 15,_______________.9.    This was the first time that the grower was from         _______________________.10.    This annual contest takes place at the__________________            ___________________ ______________________           ____________________________.11.    Most giant pumpkins are grown from the_____________________         GiantPumpkin Seeds.
Use this websiteto fill in the chart that is in your packet.  The ‘#’ means ‘pounds’.

Varieties of Pumpkins Chart



Days to Harvest

Weight (#)


Pumpkins: Giant

Dill's Atlantic Giant




Pumpkins: Large

Mammoth Gold




Pumpkins: Mid Size

Ghost Rider




Pumpkins: Mid Size

Harvest Moon




Pumpkins: Pie





Pumpkins: Miniature & Specialty





   When you are finished,you can try these pumpkin games!






·      This PBS site provides basic biographical information on Alfred Wegener and Harry Hess, a plate tectonic activity, and interactive visuals of different types of plate movements and resulting formations.


                  -History of the Earth Web-quest                  -Layers of the Earth


                  -Continental Drift


·      This site covers plate tectonics and convergent, divergent, and transform boundaries.        


·      This site covers earthquakes.

·      It includes really neat learning links, activities, animations,puzzles, etc.


·     This site is great because it shows where earthquakes are taking place currently, recent earthquakes, and the probability of an earthquake occurring at any location within 24 hours.


·      This site covers volcanoes.

·      You can click on states to learn more information about the volcanoes in that particular state.


                  -Earthquakes and Volcanoes


·      This is a good site, but a bit more difficult to navigate. The kids will need to use the bar to the far left and click on “Geology.” 

·     A lot of the information comes from USGS.

Last Modified on February 6, 2017