State College Area School District

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English Department Faculty

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Mr. Kyle Anderson
English 7

Mr. Mike Harper
English 7 and 8

Mrs. Allison Becker
Film and Media Studies, College Prep 11
and Advanced English 11
Ms. Jennifer Evans
English 9 and Advanced English 9

Ms. Dana Ciciliot
English 7

Mr. John Cimino
English 7

Ms. Skyra Blanchard
Advanced English 11,  College Writing (12)

Ms. Katherine Hoffman
Advanced English 10,
A.P. English Literature and Composition 12
Mrs. Lori Duffy
English 8

Mrs. Patty Owens
English 8
Ms. Marianne Bowers
Advanced English 11, Creative Writing, and English 11
Mr. Keith Thompson
English 9, Advanced English 9

Mrs. Sue Mauersberg
English 8
Mr. Alex Raup
English 8

Mr. Jeff King
Advanced English 10 and English 10

Jesse Olson
English 7

Ms. Danielle Boyd
English 9 and English 10

Mr. Michael Goldfine
C.P. English 12

Mrs. Mary Lou Manhart Advanced English 9 and English 9

Mrs. Beth Hartman
English 12, College Prep English 12, and Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature

Mrs. Gina Motter
Advanced English 10
and English 10

Mrs. Raeann Horgas
A.P. English Literature and Composition 12, Speech and Debate (12)

Ms. Jennifer Rand
English 10 and Advanced English 10

Mrs. Veronica Iacobazzo
C.P. English 12 and
English 11
PDS Associate

Ms. Sarah Rito
Advanced English 9 and Journalism

Mrs. Christine Merritt
Modern Classics (12)  and English Coordinator

Ms. Heather Dinsmore
English 9 and
English 10

Ms. Karen Morris College Prep English 11 and College Prep English 12

Mrs. Rebecca Thorsen
Advanced English 10, English 10, and Journalism

Ms. Mary Nasatka
C. P. English 11 and Advanced English 11

Mrs. Melissa Wager
 A.P. English Language and Composition 1 and PDS Associate

Mrs. Dana Zuhlke
English 10 and Advanced Honors English 10

Mr. Kevin Hulburt
College Prep English 11, College Prep English 12


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