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Easterly Parkway Elementary

Our Mission: To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education

Starting in January, fourth and fifth grade students who have signed up and paid can go skiing at Tussey Mountain. This program lasts for 4 to 6 weeks. Students are transported to Tussey Mountain by a SCASD school bus and parents have to pick them up by 7 PM. On November 15th, there is an Elementary Intramural ski meeting in room 230 at 7:00 PM in the SCAHS South Building. This is the only intramural activity that students have to pay for. Parents can ski with their children for the same group discount. If you want to ski, please contact me in order to get a parent discount coupon. Students owning their own skis can bring them to school in the morning. Some parents opt to take their children or carpool a group of children out to Tussey Mountain instead of having them take a bus. This is fine as long as they have signed up at the school office so someone knows that they are with our group.

Besides skiing, fourth and fifth graders can participate in volleyball. We will be playing volleyball twice a week. Fourth graders can participate until the end of February. Fifth graders will continue to practice until the March tournament.

Winners from the fall basketball hoop shoot practice can participate in the Elks Club Hoop Shoot Contest at Mount Nittany Middle School on a Saturday morning in January. If anyone wins in their age category at the Elk's Club Hoop Shoot, they may eligible to continue to compete. It will be the parent's responsibility to take their child to the Hoop Shoot and stay while their child is participating. Participants who go to the Elk's Club will receive a free basketball tee shirt.

If you have any questions about these winter activities, you can call Mrs. Esther Cordell at school.
Last Modified on December 23, 2009