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Mount Nittany Middle School

656 Brandywine Dr., State College, PA 16801, 814-272-4050

Sixth Grade Agenda:
You can come to AREA or sign out a book overnight (which must be returned by 8:10 the next morning) to complete the assignment.
  • The student will identify food safety practices.
  • The student will define "convenience food" and will discuss pluses and minuses of such products.


Announce to students that the Foods Home Study will be assigned next class and that the foods unit test will be given then also.  It will be our last week of foods.


Do a pre-reading activity exploration related to the study guide on packet pages 16 and 17 and the questions on page 18 and 19.


Read the chapters in Discovering Food and Nutrition to do pages 16, 17, 18, and 19.



Seventh Grade Agenda:
  • The student will demonstrate safe and effective use of the microwave oven.


  •    Next week I will assign a Foods Home Study.  It will have 2 parts--- 1 will be a report on your foods goal work and the other will be your choice from several options.
  •     Next week is our last week of foods.
  •   Next week we will have a foods test.


Introduce page 16 in the packet. (It is also available on my webpage under Assignments-7th Grade.) Have the computer cart available for students to work on this page in class today.


Go over page 17 in the packet: How to Bake a Potato in the Microwave.


Students will prepare potatoes for baking in the microwave and put them in to bake while they are working on page 16.


Eat the potatoes with a variety of toppings. Have each student share a favorite tip from the websites. Discuss.

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