State College Area High School

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Classroom Behavior and Expectations

Because there are many of us learning and creating in this room at once, the following guidelines will help things go smoothly:

            I expect that your behavior in class should be conducive to good learning for all in the class.  Be quiet during presentations, take notes as needed, keep  up with assignments.

               Absolutely NO CELL PHONES used or even visible in class during class time.  Clay and electronics DO NOT MIX!  Also, if you are using your cell phone, it means you are not focused on ART therefore are not doing your work!  In a family emergency, talk to me first. Chrome books and other devices should not be out at all unless requested by instructor.  Let's use HANDS for something other than pushing keys on devices for a change! 
             Special announcements and due dates will be online on my SCASD web site. Please keep aware of them.  Late work results in lowered grades daily.  No work will be accepted later than one week after the due date.  
            Attendance is very important and if you are absent it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check with the teacher and on line to see about making up the work. Bring a slip from the office any time you are absent.  Check in at the office if you are late to class. 
             This is YOUR ART STUDIO!    You are welcome ANY TIME to come in and work extra!  If there is another class in session, grab your wares and work in 101 studio.  Please be respectful during class times.  
             Food and CLAY unfortunately do not mix well!  Unless you are working during your lunch time, if you must eat, eat fast and get back to work! The focus is on ART not food here! 
            We have PANDORA to listen to in class and will take turns being DJ. No other music devices please as earbuds make it difficult for you to hear instructions and no electronics should be near clay.  You need to be able to hear what is going on in the classroom!
              Restroom breaks, getting water and other things should take place BEFORE class and not during. If you do need to leave, let Holly know so she can try not make announcements while you are gone.  
           This room can be a gallery of interesting works.  Enjoy them with your eyes rather than hands to prevent mishaps.  Be careful of other's works especially when storing pieces on your shelf. You don't need to like other people’s art work, but I ask that you respect them!   
            Be prepared to begin working on your current project as soon as class begins.  Make sure your chrome book and phones are put away.   Use your time wisely in here to avoid being surprised by due dates and to get the jest artistic results.   
            All people have different skill levels and therefore I encourage you to do your best, challenge yourself and not worry about how well your classmates are doing.  Be inspired by other artists in the class, but don't let yourself be intimidated if you notice someone with more advanced skills than you perceive yourself to have. 
            Major projects are evaluated both by the artist and myself.  Your honest judgments of your efforts are important and need to be taken seriously.  
            This is a busy, well used studio and it is very important that we all assist in keeping the room clean.  All of your work is stored on your shelf. Leaving work out may result in your never seeing it again.  Keeping the room clean sometimes means helping a classmate when they are running late and you are already finished cleaning up your stuff.  Keep an eye on the clock.  I expect you to leave the room in as good  (or better) shape than you found it.  Once in a great while, you may need to stay over time to finish cleaning up.   Let's keep this to a minimum. 
               Did I mention no cell phones???  Lets MAKE ART instead of higher phone bills….why STUMBLE when you can throw pots?????  Draw Faces instead of Facebook!  Why watch You tube when you could watch YOU CREATE!!!!
Last Modified on January 23, 2014