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State College Little Lions
  • Park Forest Middle School Soccer: Past Seasons
    2008 - 2016 Record: 223 - 22 - 20


    Boys 2016 Season Record 9-5
    Team Captains: Jake Jeffries, Ty Price, Ankour Purao, Griffin Lee
    Leading Scorer: Ryan Wales (12 goals)
    Assist Leader: Ty Price (10)

    Girls 2016 Season Record 12-2-1
    Team Captains: Clarre Porter, Emmie McDonald, Rebecca Bonness
    Leading Scorer: Holly Feese (15 goals)
    Assist Leader: Claire Vollmer (7)
    Boys 2015 Season Record 14-2
    Team Captains: Matt Crawford, Garrett Callenberger, Curtis Walter, Ethan Rowland
    Leading Scorer: Andy Ladrido (17 goals)
    Assist Leader: Matt Crawford (10)

    Girls 2015 Season Record 15-0-1
    Team Captains: Jordan Fralick, Elle Haushalter, Savannah Schoonmaker, Maya Bokunewicz 
    Leading Scorer: Maya Bokunewicz  (23 goals)
    Assist Leader: Maya Bokunewicz  (7) 

    Boys 2014 Season Record 14-1
    Team Captains: RJ Marsh, Patrick Kelly, David Shoemaker, Jackson Dillard
    Leading Scorer: RJ Marsh (17 goals)
    Assist Leader: RJ Marsh (14)

    Girls 2014 Season Record 14-1
    Team Captains: Jessica Lingenfelter, Sammy Patterson, Josie Garrigan
    Leading Scorer: Erica Feese (22 goals)
    Assist Leader: Maya Bokunewicz  (9)

    Boys 2013 Season Record 16-0-2
    Team Captains: Jacob Powers, Thomas Sowers, Alex Small
    Leading Scorer: Jacob Powers (11 goals)
    Assist Leader: Jacob Krantweiss (12)

    2013 Season Record 15-1-2
    Team Captains: Kristen Miller, Lauren Deardorff, Grace McDonough
    Leading Scorer: Lauren Deardorff (16 goals)
    Assist Leader: Josie Garrigan (9)

    Boys 2012 Season Record: 14-0
    Team Captains: Chris DiPerna, Ben Oesterling, Scott Tillotson,
    Leading Scorer: Ben Vidunas (12 goals)
    Assist Leader: Ben Vidunas (7)

    Girls 2012 Season Record: 13-1
    Team Captains: Sophie Bollinger, Kacy Mann, Kelly Mejia
    Leading Scorer: Kelly Mejia (22 goals)

    Assist Leader: Kelly Mejia (8)

    Boys 2011 Season Record: 9-0-1
    Team Captains: Cuyler Luck, Caleb McConnell, Alex Milligan
    Leading Scorer: Isaac Plutzer (13 goals)
    Assist Leader: Kyle Moerschbacher (6)

     Girls 2011 Season Record: 9-1
    Team Captains: Haley Crawford, Michaela Crow, Caitlyn Fosnacht
    Leading Scorer: Kelly Mejia (9 goals)
    Assist Leader: Haley Crawford (6)

    2010 Boys Final Record: 7-3-4
    Team Captains: Mac Shailey, Walker Jordan, Phil Betz
    Leading Scorer: Mac Shailey and Kyle Moerschbacher (8 goals each)
    Assist Leader: Mac Shailey (10)

    2010 Girls Final Record: 12-0-5
    Team Captains: Lauren Campolongo, Sydney McNulty, Sarah McNutt
    Leading Scorer: Heather Weyandt and Haley Crawford (13 goals each)
    Assist Leader: Heather Weyandt (8)

    2009 Boys Final Record: 12-1
    Team Captains: Nick Payne, Matt Selfe, Jake Garrigan
    Leading Scorer: Connor Gest (11 goals)
    Assist Leader: Tucker Wheeler (10)

    2009 Girls Final Record: 11-3-2
    Team Captains: Victoria Crawford, Maggie Griffin, Christine Irwin
    Leading Scorer: Victoria Crawford (14 goals)
    Assist Leader: Christine Irwin (4)

    2008 Boys Final Record: 13-0-1
    Team Captains: Sam Bollinger, Nick Payne, Zico Khayat
    Leading Scorer: Alex Hsu (19 goals)
    Assist Leader: Sam Bollinger (12)

    2008 Girls Final Record: 14-1-1
    Team Captains:Mallory Blonski, Gabby Cantorna, Megan Mejia, Brenna Nicosia
    Leading Scorer: Brenna Nicosia and Lauren Bonness (6 goals each)
    Assist Leaders: Brenna Nicosia, Christine Irwin, Gabby Cantorna, Samantha Vaughhan (5 assists each)

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