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Houserville/Lemont Elementary

Houserville - 217 Scholl St., State College, PA 16801, 814-231-5026 Lemont - 675 Elmwood St., Lemont, PA 16851, 814-231-5034

Websites for Teachers
*Here are some links to websites that teachers may find helpful.

Awesome Library for Teachers
This is a very helpful research site! You can search the topics listed or do your own more specific search. This site also gives you links to other related sites.

CIA - The World Factbook
This government website is a great place to try if you’re looking for up to date information about countries around the world. You can find out everything from the population, to what the flag looks like, to how many airports a certain country has.

Lesson Plans 4 Teachers
This site has a variety of lesson plans covering many topics for all grade levels. It has weekly featured lesson plans and also has links to other helpful lesson planning websites.

Teacher Planet
This is another great website for teacher resources. From here you can access lesson plans, rubrics, worksheets, and more! There is also a “clickable” calendar with features on certain days of the month. When you click on one you are shown a variety of links and activities related to the feature.

Kid’s Page Archive
This site contains free printable worksheets covering a variety of topics for preschool to 5th grade students. It’s a great place to find a practice worksheet to reinforce a topic you have taught, rather than “reinvent the wheel”.

Last Modified on May 16, 2016