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 Course Description- Computer Engineering Graphics 2 F/S 555

This exciting semester course is a sequel to Computer Graphics 1,  with several new STEM Engineering projects and units that are designed for the student interested in developing further skills and knowledge, while trying more complex processes and some new software packages.  Students will work alone and in small groups to develop solutions to creative design problems.  While expanding on processes explored in Computer Graphics 1, new areas such as 2D Flash Game design, Character animation, post production video effects, architectural modeling, lighting, walkthroughs, and rendering, box modeling and game development are introduced.  New software packages include Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition and Revit.  This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Computer Graphics and Design.

Program Highlights (This is a half-year, mixed grade level course, and all projects are completed in class)  There are other class projects that lead up to these culminating projects.

  • Using Autodesk Revit, each student will redesign a room of their actual house or apartment, and fully render an animated architectural walkthrough, with full materials and changes noted by photographs.  The finished animation will be rendered in Adobe Premiere and uploaded to Youtube for portfolio development.
  • In a small group project, students will design a STEM project incorporating CAD, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting. Each group will construct and test their designs during an in class challenge.   An example project for this unit includes a water bottle rocket, complete with a CAD designed, laser cut conical top, and laser cut or 3d printed fins.  Finished designs could be propelled straight up 200 - 300 feet using nothing more than water and air pressure.
  • Using 3D Studio Max, The star character of video game will be created and textured, for use in our Unity project.
  • Using Unity3D, a 3D video game will be created for PC or Mac play.  Models will be directly imported from 3D Studio Max.  In Unity, the scene will be developed with lights, shadows, materials, and programming interaction using C# or JavaScript.  This is an awesome introductory level game project, which ties together Photoshop for materials, 3D Studio for models, sound editing, and programming, using C# or Java.
  • Using Wix, an online web page developer, each student will create an online portfolio, complete with slideshows, videos, animations, screen shots, and text, that documents your progression through each project.

For great examples of student project work, visit:

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