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  Course Description

Advanced Computer Graphics and Design is a sequel to  Computer Graphics 1, and Computer Graphics 2. Participants will research a problem and employ the creative problem solving process and various tools of computer graphics and digital media to arrive at a solution to their chosen problem. Skill and knowledge will be gained in computer graphic modeling, digital video, animation, desktop presentation, Internet technologies, and story board creation. Students will be encouraged to apply knowledge and skills gained in various areas of the curriculum, especially Computer Graphics 1 and 2.  Final projects will be presented using a combination of 3D Studio MAX, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Internet Browsers, and other applicable software and hardware tools.  Students should be prepared to do work of an advanced nature that challenges abilities gained in earlier classes. A grade of  "B" or better is required in CG 2 to enroll in this course . A portfolio will be developed as part of this PROJECT course by each student.  

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Last Modified on January 20, 2015