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Jersey and Sock Orders

Jersey and sock orders will be taken at try-outs. For new players, the list of available numbers will be at the rink so be ready to choose a jersey number. (It is a good idea to have more than one choice in mind) Players will need a home and away jersey and home and away socks. Varsity players must have a maroon shell to wear over hockey pants. Payment will be expected at try-outs when ordered.


 Jerseys: $60.00 each total $120.00

 Socks: $15.00 each total $30.00

 Total cost for set of jerseys and socks: $150.00


Checks may be made payable to:

SCASD Ice Hockey Club


Apparel Orders:

State High Hockey apparel is available to order in the Fall of each season. Please look for the order forms on the web site or through your team manager

Questions about jerseys, socks or apparel may be directed to Christine Woytowich at