State College Area High School

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Computer Use Rules
  1. You are subject to all school rules and discipline procedures as stated in the student handbook.
  2. Student ID's are required for admission to lab/libraries unless you are with your class or have a pass from a teacher.
  3. No food or drink permitted.
  4. Students coming from Study Hall must be in the lab/library when the period begins. Once signed into the lab/library, students must stay for the period.
  5. Treat students, staff and equipment with care and respect.
  6. Computers are for school work. No games, no movies, No chat/IM.
  7. No illegal downloading of MP3 and/or movie files.
  8. Personal equipment may not be connected to the SCASD network, except for jump drives, which may be inserted into USB ports to transfer files.
  9. Attempting to override the Internet filter will result in disciplinary consequences.
  10. Clean up your area when finished. Recycle unwanted paper.

For a complete description of policies and procedures, please select 'Computer Labs' under the 'Departments' section at