"To Be involved with the MNMS Drama Club Or Not To Be involved?"
That shouldn't even be a question!!!


OK, so maybe that's not exactly how "The Bard" expressed himself through the character of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, but it seems a fitting invitation to our students to consider participating in the Drama Club's program! The MNMS Drama Club is for anyone interested in the many facets of the theatrical arts.  Participation is open to students in grades 6, 7, and 8.  We have workshops and produce different types of entertainment that we present to the school and the community.  This involves a great deal of practice time outside the school day, and we do stress that school work and responsibilities must never take second place to involvement in this activity.  Parental support in both of these areas (academic as well as "dramatic") is a key factor in the overall success of our students, and ultimately, our program.

The Drama Club will present a full musical production March 27-29.  Please join us for our first meeting after school (until 5:00 p.m.) on September 22, 2014. We look forward to an exciting 2014-2015 full of drama and music!
 Matt Shaffer, Co-Advisor   email address:  mas55@scasd.org
 Kat Shondeck, Co-Advisor  email address:  katshondeck@gmail.com