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Daily Announcements

The first day of school for students is Tuesday, August 26.  All students should report to homeroom by 8:10 a.m. (assignments will be posted in the hallways and main office areas).  Students will also receive class schedules and locker information in homeroom. This week study halls are being added and some minor last minute adjustments to schedules are being made by our school counselors.  The schedule students receive in homeroom is their official copy.

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School news: 

The North and South libraries will loan up to 5 books to you for the summer!  Be sure to select your books while the most recent best sellers are available.  You will be responsible for returning them at the beginning of school August.  Find out all the details in the library today!

Sports news: 

August 11 - First day of PIAA Fall Practice. 


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Schedule Change Info

The summer schedule change time period is over.  Schedule changes will be made during the school year for the following reasons only:

1.  system error on schedule

2.  medical reasons

3.  add course in place of study hall

4.  successful completion of summer course

5.  too few classes scheduled (26 contact hours required)

6.  missing a course required for graduation

7.  missing a prerequisite for a course

8.  previously failed a course with a teacher

9.  change due to formal program change

10.  change in level of a subject

Extenuating circumstances may be considered when a request change does not meet the above.  Students must attend classes on their schedules until an official schedule change has been made with his/her counselor.  Students must return all books and materials to the teacher of the course that is dropped.  A Course Change Request form must be completed in the counseling office to begin the process of consideration for a schedule change.


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