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American History

PRIMARY SOURCE History Websites
Documents - 100 Milestone documents of American History
Am Docs – documents for the study of American History
History Central - History's Home on the Internet
eHistory - for all things historical - Timelines; Battles; Biographies; Images; Maps
Digital History - using electronics to enhance history studies
History Channel
History and more history! Best of History Websites
History World - timelines
History of Religions from Sacred Texts Archive
Famous Trials
Days of Infamy - December 7, 1941 and 9/11/01
The War Portal - research and images from all Wars
The Way We Worked - images from the National Archives
HISTORIC DATES "Those were the Days."
Time Lines by "Hyper History"
Time Lines by AlternaTime
Year by Year 1900-2004 by Infoplease

American Presidents/The Presidency
New! Living Room Candidate. Watch Presidential Campaign commercials back to 1952!
The American President - an online reference resource
Presidential Timeline- Hoover to Clinton
Presidential Libraries - from the National Archives
U.S. Presidents by White House Historical Association
U.S. First Ladies by White House Historical Association

Art Research
Art History Timeline by the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Artcyclopedia: the Fine Art Search Engine
The Artchive - index to over 2000 works/ artist information
Art History Resources on the Web
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art
National Gallery of Art
A+E's Biography Page- over 20,000 searchable entries
Academy of Achievement - biographies and interviews with Achievers
Biography Center
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 - Present
More Biographies indexed by discipline - from Multnomah Library
Dead or Alive - date of birth and date of death of over 6000 famous people
Literature Web - 500 Author Biographies
Nobel Prize winners
Political Graveyard - A database of history, politics and cemeteries
Time Magazine Top 100 of the Century
Women's Biographies - from People Spot
500 Most Important People of the 20th Century
Who2 - find famous people fast

BrainTrack - A university and career directory
Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career Center from U.S.News and World Report
Career OneStop from Career InfoNet
Occupational Information Network
Occupational Outlook Handbook - Keyword searches for specific occupations. - information portal to education, career, government
Student Jobs on USAJobs.Gov - grants, scholarships, fellowships, internship opportunities etc.
What Can I do with this Major?

Colleges And Financial Aid
Virtual College Tours
American Educational Guidance Center:Colleges, Scholarships, Financial Aid
College BoardSAT registration/practice, Colleges, Financial Aid
College NetCollege information: Search, Apply, Aid, Tour
College ViewCareers, Colleges, Aid
College Profiles
Counselor-O-Matic by Princeton ReviewCreate a profile and find your college
Community College Information
E-Podunk - College Town Profiles by state
Fin Aid The Financial Aid Information Page
Fast Web Free database of over 180,000 scholarships, grants & loans
What Can I do with this Major? - information portal to education, career, government
StudentJobs.Gov - government grants, scholarships, fellowships, internships, employment

Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds (check disclaimer before accessing search features)
ChemRefer: Open Access Chemistry - a search engine for chemistry information

Consumer Information
Better Business Bureau
Teen Consumer Scrapbook
Consumer Information Center of the U.S. government
Consumer World's Consumer Resource Guide.
CU Succeed - financial tools and information for teens
EconEdLinks - Web links from Nat'l Council on Economic Education

          Student Resources in Context
Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
U.S. Economy at a glance - economic statistics from US Dept. of Labor
The State of Working America - from the Economic Policy Institute
How Much Is it Worth Today?
              Economy from
International Data Base - Socio-economic data for 227 countries
U.S. Dept of Labor - labor statistics
CU Succeed - financial tools and information for teens
EconEdLinks - Web links from Nat'l Council on Economic Education
WorldMapper - graphically depicts regional differences on various economic measures

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Endangered Species
Animal Information and Photos from the National Zoo
EndangeredSpecie.Com - The Rarest Information Around
Endangered Species Page -links from University of Michigan.
Red List of Threatened Species
           Biomes (Map of World Biomes) from AnimalPlanet
Biomes of the World/ Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems
Biomes of the World from FactMonster
           Biomes of the World from Marietta College
Biomes and Habitats
           Biomes (World Biomes)
           Biomes (The World's Biomes) from the University of California Museum of Paleontology
Earth Trends - The Environmental Information Portal
Environmental Defense Homepage
Environmental Protection Agency
EPA's "Where You Live" Site - search by zipcode for regional information
National Geographic Magazine index (library has issues back to 1912)
National Wildlife Federation
Water Quality Information Center
Renewable Resource Data Center from the U.S. Dept. of Energy
U. S. Dept of Energy

English (Literature)

GRAMMAR - great links
Grammar Bytes
Virtual Salt - A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
11 Rules of Writing
Latin Vocabulary and Derivatives
Online Etymology Dictionary - word origins
Writing - Internet Resources for Writers
Author Yellow Pages - find author's homepages and publishers pages on the web
The Complete Review - review index of over 1500 titles

Bibliomania - read, study, research, shop, search
American Transcendental Authors

Representative Poetry Online
The Poetry Foundation - try the Poetry Tool to locate poems
The Poetry Archive - Recordings of Poets reading their works

Shakespeare Searched - quick access to passages from plays and sonnets


European History
European History Links
Primary Source History Websites

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Countries of the World
Background Notes from U.S.State Dept.-
Country Studies from Library of Congress
Portals to the World from Library of Congress
Economic Country Briefings
European Union - Questions and Answers
European Constitution - What It Says
European Constitution - actual text - graphically compare statistics on various nations
InfoNation - United Nations Cyber School Bus
International Affairs Resources by WWW Virtual Library
International Database - Socio-economic data for 227 countries
Flags plus country information
Maps - political and topographic maps of anywhere in the world
OFFSTATS - free statistics from official sources
Rulers - Heads of state and government.
United Nation's Homepage
World Bank
WorldMapper - graphically depicts regional differences on various economic measures
World Religions from Sacred Texts Archive
World Statesmen
World Gazetteer - Population figures and Information

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AIDS Information from US Health & Human Services
Alcohol and Drug Information for Teens
Alcohol Problems and Solutions
Bulimia Nervosa Resource Guide
Center for Disease Control
Dying to be Thin - NOVA Online Special on Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Resources
Evaluating Internet Health Infomation
Family Doctor from the American Academy of Family Physicians
Health Finder by U.S. Health and Human Services
Health Statistics by State
Inhalant Abuse - Information and frequently asked questions.
Medline Health Information from the National Library of Medicine
Mental Health Information by Internet Mental Health
National Resource Center on AD/HD from the USDA
My - interactive from the USDA
Public Health Emergency - Preparedness and Response
Teens Health - with special topics of interest to teens
Women's Health Issues - National Women's Health Information Center

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Homework help/School work
Homework Center by Multnomah County Library
Homework Helper by B.J. Pinchbeck "If you can't find it here then you just can't find it"
My Homework Helper by - Guide to online resources, grouped by grade level - Algebra and geometry help (also see Math resources below)
National Geographic Research Center

Famous Trials
Thomas Legislative Information - Full text access and status of current U. S. bills.
U.S. House of Representatives - home
U.S. House - direct email form
U.S. Senate - home
U.S. Senate - phone numbers and email links
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 - Present
Congress Votes - Vote Database 1991-present
State and Local Governments on the Web
Judiciary - Federal Judiciary Homepage
Pennsylvania's Bill Updates and information.
Supreme Court Opinions
American Law Sources Online - solutions to your legal issues
Free - Layman's index to laws, lawyers, law school etc.

Library Searches
SCHLOWLibrary (including access to PowerLibrary)
ACCESS PASearch all PA libraries
Library of Congress
New York Public Library Digital Library
Internet Public Library
Library Spot

Maps in the News - from Maps of the World

All the Worlds Maps-A Compilation of Each Nation's Maps,Including Cities
American Memory Map Collection (Library of Congress)
Atlapedia Online- full color physical and political maps,key facts and statistics.
American Ethnic Geography- pdf maps of ethnic and cultural groups
Blank and Outline Maps - printable for personal or educational use
Geography Network - a world of information
Maps in Our Lives Exhibition - surveying, cartography, geodesy and GIS

National Geographic Map Machine
How Far Is It

Driving directions:
Live Local - maps from MSN

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Algebra Homework Help at Algebra.Com
Ask Dr. Math - Submit k-12 math questions.
The Futures Channel - educational math/science videos
The Math Forum
Create - a - Graph
Math Power-basic math, algebra, study skills, math anxiety
SOS Mathematics, Tables and Formulas

All movie Guide - An online film and video database
Based on the Book - covers movies based on books from 1980-
The Internet Movie Database
MSN Movie guide - summaries, reviews, schedules
Reel Classics
Rotten Tomatoes

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Museums of the World
Musee - Interactive Guide to Museum Collections
Museum of Online Museums (MoOM)
World Art Treasures - sharing art through the internet
The Smithsonian Institution homepage
Smithsonian Interactive - History Wired

Classical Music Archives
Choral Public Domain Library
Berklee School of Music - Music files and online lessons
Lyrics from LyricWiki
Music Library Association - Sheet Music Collections
Music for the Nation - Library of Congress: American Sheet Music Collection
Mutopia – free sheet music to download
National Association for Music Education
Museum of Musical Instruments
National Music Museum

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Newspapers/Network News
Today's Front Pages - 139 papers from 24 countries
News and Newspapers Online -in native language
First Headlines - US and International sites
Centre Daily Times
The New York Times on the web
USA Today
Newsweek Magazine
Times Warner's Pathfinder
U.S. News and World Report
ABC News
CBS News
CNN Interactive
CNN All Politics
The C-Span Networks
Nasdaq Newsroom

Pennsylvania State Web Site
Pennsylvania's Official Tourism Website
Pennsylvania State Digital Archives
Pennsylvania State Archives: Document Heritage
Pennsylvania History
Pennsylvania State Parks
E-Podunk -Pennsylvania Communities Profiles

A Century of Physics Timeline
American Institute of Physics
Fear of Physics - Physics explained, finally.
Flash Animations for Physics
Physics Central
The Particle Adventure
Physlink - The ultimate physics resource

Primary Sources
PRIMARY SOURCE History Websites (May need to access from home or have the site unblocked)

Recipes/Family and Consumer Sciences
Recipe sites for Family and Consumer Sciences from the USDA
Holiday Foods
Government Food Safety Information
Food and Nutrition Information Center
The Nutrition Source from Harvard School of Public Health
Medieval Cookery

SAT/AP/ ASVAB - Registration, Information, Preparation

College BoardSAT registration/practice, College search, financial aid information - Free Test Prep
ABC's of the ASVAB
Secrets of the SAT
AP tests
Test Prep Review - free online prep tests for SAT, ACT, ASVAB, GED
The Futures Channel - educational math/science videos
Biology in Motion - interactive, animated cartoons

Biomes of the World
Biomes and Habitats
Biomes from the California Academy of Science
DNA from the Beginning-fundamentals of genetics
Global Warming - Frontline: What's Up with the Weather (PBS)
National Science Foundation Digital Library
HubbleSite - images and information
National Institute of Standards and Technology
National Geographic
National Geographic Magazine index (library has issues back to 1912)
Scientific American
Science Photo Library

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Sociology/Social Issues
Dead Sociologists Index
Famous Sociologists
Theory Greats- profiles of 10 greats in the field of sociological theory


Earliest Voices - a gallery from the Vincent Voice Bank

United States

USA.Gov, Official Website for Searching U.S. Government

SearchGov - search federal, state and military sites - information portal to education, career, government

Google's Government Source "Google Uncle Sam" - for information or documents

Abbreviations and Acronyms of the US Gov.

American Park Index

Census Bureau

Census Data - Historical

Center for Disease Control, statistics of all US cities

Congress Votes - Vote Database 1991-present - Online Resource for American's with Disabilities

Documents - 100 Milestone documents of American History

Documents: Core Documents of U.S. Democracy

Documents: National Archives and Records Administration Databases


FedStats - Federal Statistics

Government Printing Office Access

Health and Human Services

IRS - Internal Revenue Service

Judiciary - Federal Judiciary Homepage

Library of Congress

National Park Service

Postal Service

50 State Blue Book Guide to Local Government

State and Local Governments on the Web

U.S. Dept of Labor bureau of labor statistics

U. S. House of Representatives

U.S. House - direct email form

U. S. Senate

White House

Accuweather for State College
The Weather Channel for State College
The Weather Channel's Storm Encyclopedia
What Forces Affect Our Weather

Web/internet Information
Web Site Evaluation Form
Web Evaluation Page by Multnomah Library
Critical Website Evaluation by Kathy Schrocks Guide for Educators
Netlingo - The Internet Language Dictionary
Webopedia - Dictionary for Computer & Internet Technology

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