State College Area High School

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In the State College Area School District there is a graduation requirement of 20 hours of community service for every student. In our school and community, we value and encourage service to others, so it is very possible that you have been involved in doing community service for years. Your twenty hours of service for graduation must be done during your four years of high school.

You may be looking for ideas on how to serve the community. If so, we have provided some
Opportunities for you to consider. This list is a starting point, and you are not limited to volunteering strictly with these organizations. For your convenience, please see the Opportunities link on the left side bar.

Community service must meet the following guidelines to fulfill graduation requirements:

  • It must be a voluntary service performed without pay/compensation for an organization or person/persons in the community.
  • A community service evaluation form must be completely filled out by the student and be signed by the supervisor . The form can be found online and in the counseling office.
  • The 20 hours of service must be completed between the start of the student’s freshman year and completion of his/her senior year.
  • It should be turned into the counseling office no later than May 30th of the student’s senior year.

Thank you for helping our school to make our community a better place to live.

Last Modified on November 20, 2014