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State College Area School District

Our Mission: To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education

Welcome to Kindergarten in the
State College Area School District

     We would like to welcome you to the State College Area School District and our Kindergarten program.  Kindergarten is a very exciting time for children and their families!  The first steps in a child's school career can be filled with excitement, anticipation, and some level of anxiety.  We have created this web site and our transition activities to help children and families feel comfortable in our schools.  This web site provides information about our general activities.  Individual school web sites provide specific information about their programs. If you have feedback about this site, please contact us.

     We have nine elementary schools in our district, eight of which offer full day kindergarten programs.  Our full day kindergarten offers both a comprehensive academic program and a developmental approach to children's social development. We believe that children entering kindergarten need time and activities to develop social skills, friendships, and cooperative interaction skills as they learn skills to prepare them for academic learning.  Children who are five years old prior to August 31st of the year they enter kindergarten are eligible for enrollment. 

     As you navigate through this site as well as individual school sites, please feel free to contact the principal of the school your child will attend if you have additional questions.
Corl Street Elementary - Mr. Scott Mato   231-1185
Easterly Parkway Elementary - Mr. Mike Maclay  231-1170
Ferguson Township Elementary - Ms. Charlotte Zmyslo 231-4119
Gray's Woods Elementary - Dr. Kristen Dewitt 235-6100
Houserville-Lemont Elementary - Dr. Todd Dishong  231-5034
Park Forest Elementary - Ms. Donnan Stoicovy 231-5010
Mount Nittany Elementary - Ms. Deb Latta  272-5970
Radio Park Elementary - Mr. Zac Wynkoop  231-4115

Last Modified on January 1, 2016