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From Idea to Invention - Technology Education!
MNMS Technology Education is S.T.E.M. STRONG!
buzzer       dome       robot
          Hand Buzzer Circuit                           Geodesic Dome                        Snap Circuit RC Rover
buzzer         smore            smore2
Solar Cooker in action!
What does Technology Education Provide?
It is not just computers.

Our philosophy -  
Integrated Learning
Technology Education supports a variety of subject areas including; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts, Social Studies, History,and much more.Students pull knowledge and skills learned in their other disciplines and put them in action, solving the problems of today.
Hands-on / Minds-on Participation
Technology education promotes enthusiasm for further exploration through active hands-on / minds-on practice. This approach encourages better retention and an understanding of technological applications. Students do not just read about the processes and practices, they actually get a chance to participate.
Basic Skills- Creativity, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Technology Education provides for the development and application of three basic skills: creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. Appropriate activities help students build these life-long skills. Students are encouraged to explore and create at their own pace, to work together in a cooperative environment, and to assess their work in a comfortable atmosphere.

 Changing lives since the beginning of time!
 Tech Ed Course videos
 Click to view technology education course offerings videos below.

Last Modified on January 20, 2015