State College Area School District

Our Mission: To prepare students for lifelong success through excellence in education

11/27/06 Board Minutes

November 27, 2006
3rd FLOOR, ROOM 304


Susan Werner, board president, called the regular meeting to order at 7:34 pm.

Board members present: Robert Ascah, Elizabeth Dutton, Lou Ann Evans, David Hutchinson, Janet McCracken, Donna Queeney, Gowen Roper, Susan Werner

Board members absent: Robert Hendrickson

Board secretary: Mary Jenn Dorman

Solicitor: Scott Etter

Superintendent: Patricia Best

District Personnel: Cameron Bausch, Randy Brown, Craig Butler, Dennis Guth, Curtis Johnson, Kenneth Mawritz, Ed Poprik, Kevin Stahl, Wilda Stanfield, Donnan Stoicovy, Holli Jo Warner, Dennis Younkin

Guests: Ahnut Beytolh, Allison Bybee, Cindy Carpenter, Cecilia Dunoyer, Taylor Greer, Cindy Harding, W.B. Ingram, Rick Madore, Ron McGlaughlin, Daren Narber, Dena Pauling, Gary Sherburne, Toby Short, Chris Small, Bulent Tarman, Eric Topp, Patricia Wild


Patricia Best introduced Patti Vathis from The Pennsylvania Department of Education. Ms. Vathis presented State College Area School District an award, including a plaque, a wildlife print, and check for $2,000. The district has been recognized by the Governor's Council for Environmental Education as an exemplary school district for their work in aligning the science curriculum with the PA Science Standards. Donnan Stoicovy and Cameron Bausch accepted the award on behalf of the district. Ms. Stoicovy, Park Forest Elementary Principal has taken on a leadership role in environment education in the district.

Susan Werner stated an amendment to the agenda for the meeting. The High School Project Update - VII C, under Information/Discussion will be moved to Action Item VI B for the PlanCon B approval from PDE.


Rick Madore addressed the board on the Memorial Field renovation planning process and approach on this project.


Board members were presented with a listing of travel requests for staff members to attend meetings or conferences for approval.

Recommended the 2006-2007 budget be amended as a result of an $8,420 grant from the Toshiba America Foundation. A copy of the Budget Amendment is part of the official minutes.

Minutes from October 23, 2006 Board Meeting and November 13, 2006 Board Meeting were presented for approval. Correction to COG report: Because one township worker was working, there was a tie vote and no decision reached on the expansion issue.

Recommended approval for the new student club activity, Class of 2010.

Approval of Booster Organization status for the 2006-2007 school year for the following organizations were recommended:
State College Boys' Basketball Booster Club
State College Girls' Basketball Booster Club
State College Swimming and Diving Booster Club
Little Lion Wrestling Booster Club

Ms. Evans moved, Ms. Dutton seconded to approve the travel requests, the budget amendment, the Meeting Minutes for October 23, 2006 and November 13, 2006 with correction to the November 13 as stated above, the new student club activity, and the Athletic Booster Clubs status. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. (Dr. Hendrickson was absent.)


Dennis Guth presented the Personnel Report for approval. Both Mr. Guth and Dr. Best announced the retirement of John Sheridan and his contributions to the district. A copy of the Personnel Report is part of the official minutes.

John Sheridan, Director of Learning Enrichment, Gifted Support, and Student Services, retires June 30, 2006.

Susan Schnellbaugh recommended to position as 1.0 Predictable Term Substitute Elementary Teacher in the Radio Park School for the remainder of the 2006-07 school year only at a salary of $38,040. She was previously appointed through November 22, 2006.

Cynthia Vella recommended to position as 1.0 Contract Elementary Teacher in the Gray's Woods School at a salary of $42,638. She was previously appointed as a PTS for the 2006-07 school year.

Jody Ebeling recommended to additional position as .67 Contract/.33 Predictable Term Substitute Child Care Services Teacher in the Career and Technical Center of the High School at a salary of $41,450 prorated to $27,924.48.

Julie-Lynn Jones recommended to additional position as .17 Mathematics Teacher in the High School North for the remainder of the 2006-07 school year only. This addition brings her to a .67 Predictable Term Substitute assignment at a salary of $42,344 prorated to $28,230.20.

Extra Duty/Extra Pay
Recommended Kirk Hoover as Boys' Volleyball Co-Assistant Coach for the 2006-07 school year at a salary of $1,250.70.

Recommended William Van der Sluys as Boys' Tennis Assistant Coach for the 2006-07 school year at a salary of $2,728.80.
Recommended David Jameson as Boys' Basketball MNMS Assistant Coach for the 2006-07 school year at a salary of $2,126.19.

Support Personnel (Non-Certificated)

Secretarial/Clerical - Hired
Kathleen Aggon at $10.42/hour

Secretarial/Clerical - Terminated
Tina Allamon

Paraprofessional - Hired
Letitia Bullock, John Kane, Rosetta Webster, Marion Powers at $8.83/hour

Paraprofessional - Terminated
Barbara Deibler

Bus Drivers - Terminated
Arthur Keirn

Dr. Queeney moved, Dr. McCracken seconded to approve the personnel report as presented. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. (Dr. Hendrickson was absent.)

VI. APPROVAL of PLANCON D into the MEETING MINUTES/High School Project

Ed Poprik recommended that the Board of School Directors take action to enter the PlanCon Part D approval into the meeting minutes as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. A copy of the approval and appended materials are part of the official minutes.

Ms. Evans moved, Dr. Queeney seconded to approve the PA Department of Education Plan Con Part D approval as required to be part of the meeting official minutes.

Dr. Queeney read a statement she had prepared. There was no further board discussion. The following audience members addressed the board: Ron McGlaughlin, Rick Madore, Taylor Greer, Eric Topp, Pat Wild, Cindy Carpenter, Chris Small, Toby Short, and Cindy Harding. Issues, topics, and concerns addressed: Keep people in the dark, half truths, takes exception on all that was said in Dr. Queeney's statement, building capacity number, costs, capacity is only number of students, discussed differences in numbers for capacity, enrollment, differences of opinion, move forward, need to be consistent with the numbers, bid date, listening versus acting, open house, community field and parking, South building, contingency fund used, community meetings, change orders and design changes, no two way exchanges, informational only, what are we getting academically, growth built in, bid alternates, positive input for Memorial Field, participation in the process, parking at South building, and the Facilities Masters Award.

Dr. Queeney referred to Policy 903 for each board member responding to a question. Dr. Best responded on the Facilities Award. Applying for an award such as this one, provides an opportunity for self study and is money well spent.

With the motion and second already made to approve the PlanCon D approval by PDE to be part of the official minutes, all board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. (Dr. Hendrickson was absent.)

Mr. Ascah commented on how physical plant employees should be recognized for their work.


Dennis Younkin, Ed Poprik, and Kevin Stahl requested permission to solicit sealed competitive bids for security upgrades for a selected portion of the District's fourteen (14) schools. A buzz-in system is being considered for additional steps for access to the buildings. A copy of the request is part of the official minutes.

The board had no further discussion. The board was addressed by a member of the audience, Patricia Wild on the type of system that will be used at the high school and if it is in the current building plan. Dr. Best responded that information will be given as the district gets closer to that process.

Dr. Queeney moved, Ms. Evans seconded to approve the permission to solicit sealed competitive bids for the security system upgrade. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. (Dr. Hendrickson was absent.)


Randy Brown reviewed the summary of changes to be included in the 2007 Rules and Regulations for the Earned Income Tax. In cooperation with the Centre Region Tax Collectors, Mr. Brown reviewed the proposed amendments to the 2005 and 2006 Earned Income Tax Rules and Regulations. The district solicitor has reviewed the information. Mr. Brown recommended approval for the proposed changes and amendments. A complete copy of the 2007 EIT Rules and Regulations and the 2005/2006 EIT Amendments is part of the official minutes.

Ms. Dutton moved, Mr. Ascah seconded to approve the 2007 EIT Riles and Regulations and the 2005 and 2006 EIT Amendments as presented. All board members present voted aye on a roll call vote. (Dr. Hendrickson was absent.)


Dennis Younkin reported that 7,600 Homestead/Farmstead applications were mailed costing approximately $4,000. Completed applications are coming in on a steady basis and the deadline for receiving them is March 1, 2007.

The Tax Study Commission held a Public Hearing on November 14 and several community members attended and commented on the Earned Income Tax verses the Personal Income Tax. A recommendation will be made to the Board by the Tax Study Commission at the December 4 meeting. The last meeting of the Tax Study Commission is November 28 and the recommendations will be discussed. All districts are thinking and having to choose options at this time.

Installment payments for Property Tax must be done for July 2007. This district has 7 municipalities that collect for us.

In preparing for the FY08 Budget, budget heads have completed submissions and meetings will occur over the next three days. A Preliminary FY08 Budget will be presented at the December 18 meeting. The CAC for Finance will review the preliminary budget at its December 13 meeting.

Mr. Younkin is participating in a web cast on November 30 reguarding exceptions allowed. Exceptions total 10, 7 are by PA Department of Education.


Bulent Tarman presented a formal request to amend the Young Scholars of central Pennsylvania Charter School from the current configuration of grades K-5 to K-8. Grades 6, 7, and 8 would be added one per year beginning 2007-08 school year. Mr. Tarman highlighted points of the application proposal in the three page summary. Board members received a copy of the request prior to the meeting. A copy of the application request to amend the charter is part of the official minutes.

Board members discussed the request, shared concerns, and had questions for the district solicitor. The district solicitor will contact the YSCP Charter School attorney and respond to some of the board's questions. This item will be under Information/Discussion for the December 4 meeting.


Memorial Field Item was postponed to the December 18 meeting for action.


Mr. Ascah moved, Ms. Evans seconded to adjourn the meeting at 9:40 pm.
The motion passed. Ms. Werner announced the Board would adjourn to an Executive Session on Litigation.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary