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8/23/06 Board Work Session Minutes

AUGUST 23, 2006


Susan Werner, board president, called the work session to order at 7:05 pm.

Board members present: Robert Ascah, Elizabeth Dutton, Lou Ann Evans, David Hutchinson, Robert Hendrickson, Janet McCracken, Donna Queeney, Gowen Roper, Susan Werner

Board members absent:

Board secretary: Mary Jenn Dorman

Solicitor: Scott Etter

Superintendent: Patricia Best

District Personnel: Cameron Bausch, Craig Butler, Tim Linden, Ed Poprik, Wilda Stanfield, Dennis Younkin

Guests: Cynthia Carpenter, Kathy DiMuccio, Joe Fedeli, Fred Fernsler, Wilbur Hantel, Cindy Harding, Bruce Heim, Bruce Jankura, Patricia Kleban, Chuck Loviscky, Mary Marino, Ann McGlaughlin, Ron McGlaughlin, David Paterno, Dena Pauling, Ann Peno, Frank Peno, Madis Pihlak, Chris Small, Marybeth Snell, Tom Songer II, Paul Suhey, Merrill Sweitzer, Eric Topp, Patricia Wild

CAC for Facilities Members: Sam Duffy, Steve Hackman, Robert Hoffman, Cindy LaBarca, Herb Schmidt, David Sweetland
CMT Representatives: Rich Williamson
L. Robert Kimball: Jason Feidler, Rich O'Donald, Rick Witt
Poole/Anderson: Tony Cicerelli, Stephanie Schmidt


Susan Werner asked individuals at the table to introduce themselves for the work session. When all were finished, Ms. Werner turned the meeting over to Ed Poprik.

Ed Poprik began the session letting board members know that questions would be taken throughout the presentation. Ed Poprik, representatives from L. Robert Kimball, Poole/Anderson and CMT discussed the 60% review and worked through issues as they came up with the board. There is no formal action for the board to accept the 60% review; it is informational only for back-up of PlanCon approvals.

The 30% review was a block diagram and the 60% review is moving from the schematic design to design development. Rich Witt reviewed the calendar and phasing from present through fall with the phasing plan beginning in the Summer of 2007 and goes over 7 semesters to the fall of 2010. He reviewed the 2 periods of construction and gave a complete explanation of all work to be done in the phasing and transition periods. September 11, the board will vote on the submission of PlanCon D and E to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

A handout was given to all members present and was available for the community members attending. Tony Cicerelli reviewed the price comparisons for the full project versus North only. There is no compromise to program needs and at this time, the Total Project Cost for the full project is $103,287,565. Alternates can be looked at during bid time and changes to specific materials can change so that the district gets the best value for its money.

Ed Poprik explained to the board that the district is bound to the same cost advertised in the Act 34 Hearing Booklet with the North broken out, the total project will be much lower. Tony then reviewed the North cost only. A copy of the handout is part of the official minutes.

Mr. Poprik discussed the results of the geotechnical adjustments that would go into the building costs. CMT has done a detailed evaluation of the site and based on the report, a foundation system has been chosen. There are possible alternatives and options to look at for a foundation system that would be appropriate. The cost range is $2,500,000 to $6,000,000 and the $6,000,000 is not a guess.

Rich O'Donald spoke on the building plans and designs. He reviewed the site layout plans, which showed the reduced parking. Some minor program changes increased the project a little over 1,000 sq. ft.

Jason Feidler discussed the floor plans and the systems plans. He expanded on the entrance and safety issue for students, layouts and designs for phone lines, data lines, etc., the roof plan including the choosing of materials and drain locations, and the elevations of the building.

Ed Poprik concluded the session with dates to keep in mind:
September 11, approve PlanCon D and E
December, 90% review meeting
Mid-January, Submit PlanCon F
It is critical that the project comes in on budget. Based on the 60% review, the project is on budget.

Comments and thoughts were shared by CAC Facilities members and questions will be answered at the August 28 board meeting. Board members will receive an update on the foundation system at the September 11 meeting.


Susan Werner announced a work session for board members to discuss the Act 34 written comments. The tentative date of Wednesday, September 6, was suggested. Mary Jenn will coordinate, offer dates and times, and finalize the best date and time most are available.


Susan Werner announced the session over. The work session ended at 8:23 pm.

Submitted by,

Mary Jenn Dorman
Board Secretary