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Welcome to my classroom and my 22nd year here at State College High School.Me

I am fortunate to have received the Technology & Engineering Education Association of Pennsylvania (TEEAP) High School Teacher of the Year Award, and a Teacher Excellence Award, from the International Technology Engineering Education Association (ITEEA) 2013-14.

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I have been a Technology Education/STEM teacher, at the State College Area High School, since September 1993. I am graduate of Millersville University (Magna Cum Laude), with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Education.  My wife and I have a daughter, who will be joining me at the high school this year, as an incoming ninth grader. Over the years I have been involved with teaching courses for the Community Education program, middle school summer camps, and PDE graduate classes, for teachers, through the Local IU No.10.  These classes have been in the areas of visual communications, STEM, and multimedia.  At State High, I have taught Drafting and Design, woodworking, Video/Film Technology, and I am currently the primary Computer Engineering Graphics and Design Teacher.


Currently we are working with the CIMP-3D lab of the ARL to develop curriculum connections with our Additive Manufacturing Units and engineering at PSU.


Registration Information:

Computer Graphics 1 - Course F/S554 - Program Highlights (This is a half-year, mixed grade level course, for all students. No previous skills are required. All projects are completed in class) There are other class projects that lead up to these culminating projects.

  • Using 3D Studio Max, 3D modeling and animation software, each student will get to 3D print take home models that he or she has designed in class.
  • Using 3D Studio Max, rendered animations will be created, with ties to video game level designs, and architectural walkthroughs.
  • Photoshop will be used to make a take home (mouse pad, poster, or T-shirt), and used to make a Laser Engraved take home design.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro is used to make a short video edit project, including music, titles, and transitions.
  • Adobe After Effects is used to make a short "Special Effects" personal logo similar to the introduction to a high impact television show.
  • Adobe Flash is used to build and program an E-card.  This begins the process of game development for CG2.

Computer Engineering Graphics 2 F/S 555 - Program Highlights (This is a half-year, mixed grade level course, and all projects are completed in class)  There are other class projects that lead up to these culminating projects.

  • Using Autodesk Revit, each student will redesign a room of their actual house or apartment, and fully render an animated architectural walkthrough, with full materials and changes noted by photographs.  The finished animation will be rendered in Adobe Premiere and uploaded to Youtube for portfolio development.
  • In a small group project, students will design a STEM project incorporating CAD, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and laser cutting. Each group will construct and test their designs during an in class challenge.   An example project for this unit includes a water bottle rocket, complete with a CAD designed, laser cut conical top, and laser cut or 3d printed fins.  Finished designs could be propelled 200 - 300 feet using nothing more than water and air pressure.
  • Using 3D Studio Max, The star character of video game will be created and textured, for use in our Unity project.
  • Using Unity3D, a 3D video game will be created for PC or Mac play.  Models will be directly imported from 3D Studio Max.  In Unity, the scene will be developed with lights, shadows, materials, and programming interaction using C# or JavaScript.  This is an awesome introductory level game project, which ties together Photoshop for materials, 3D Studio for models, sound editing, and programming, using C# or Java.
  • Using Wix, an online web page developer, each student will create an online portfolio, complete with slideshows, videos, animations, screen shots, and text, that documents your progression through each project.

I am looking forward to a great year, with some exciting new tools to bring design and engineering together in a fun way.  Thanks to a grant, we now have several Makerbot 3D printers in the room.  We also have a laser engraver/cutter in the room.  These will allow us to make some very cool projects!

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My Teaching Schedule for 2014-15:
PD1 - Advanced Computer Engineering Graphics
PD4 -  Computer Graphics and Design 1
PD6 - Computer Engineering Graphics and Design 2
PD7 -  Advanced Computer Engineering Graphics
PD8 - Computer Graphics and Design 1

Links to Outstanding Student Portfolios for the 2013-14 school year:

Devin Christian - Advanced Computer Engineering Graphics and Design (Senior)

Jacob Keller - Advanced Computer Engineering Graphics and Design (Junior)

Nick Feffer - Advanced Computer Engineering Graphics and Design (Freshmen)


Sarah Rosengrant - Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Sophomore)

Eden Clingham - David - Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Sophomore)

Caitlyn Fosnacht - Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Sophomore)

Kendall Allen - Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Sophomore)

Candace Price - Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Junior)

Jordan Solt Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Junior)

Jackson Nicastro  - Computer Engineering Graphics 2 (Freshmen)


Links to Outstanding Student Portfolios for the 2012-13 school year:

Gabrielle Weissmann - Computer Graphics 2 (Senior)

Mary Nina Charmaine Bergado - Computer Graphics 2 (Sophomore)

Kevin Liang - Advanced Computer Graphics and Design (Sophomore)

Kelli Johnson - Advanced Computer Graphics and Design (Junior)

John Arrington - Advanced Computer Graphics and Design (Junior)

For more information about our Technology Education program click the link below:

Now running software: Adobe CS6 Production Premium - Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Audition, and Media Encoder.
Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Maya, Mudbox, Motion Builder and Revit.
Unity 3D for game design and coding
The purpose of software is to to make ties to fields that offer students great opportunities for growth in the STEM and design fields. Computer Graphics will make direct and indirect ties to various engineering fields including:  mechanical and architectural, along with industrial design,  video game design, motion graphics fields, and graphics design, just to name a few areas where our students have found success.
Our Advanced Computer Graphics students are proud to be helping with the:
To view our Podcast series which has tips and tricks for motion graphics software used within our department visit:

2010-11 Portfolio Development Showcase

Garrett Nicholson
Senior Video Media student, attending Ithica College for Film Production

Josh Deutsch
Senior Advanced Computer Graphics

Angela Card
Senior Advanced Computer Graphics

Sean Colby
Outstanding Computer Graphics, Technology Education Student 2011
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