• Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtII)

    What is RtII?
    RtII is an adaptation of the public health prevention model to education. In a public health prevention model, universal measures are used to reduce the risk of, and increase resiliency against, disease. Measures used include vaccinations, good nutrition, and regular physical exams. In a small portion of the population, indicators of poor health are identified and subsequently a swift intervention may be used to prevent the problem from worsening. For example, one may see a doctor for an antibiotic when symptoms occur. Lastly, in an even smaller portion of the population, the antibiotics are not enough to treat the illness and the persons may need more intensive medical attention such as seeing a specialist for additional testing.

    RtII uses the prevention model to prevent academic and behavior problems in schools. RtII is the intersection of the two federal laws – NCLB & IDEA 2004. In SCASD, we are using RtII to ensure that all children are proficient readers by the end of third grade.

    In general, RtII is a comprehensive, three tiered, standards aligned strategy to enable early identification and intervention for students who may be at risk for academic or behavioral problems.
    The overarching goal of RtII is to improve student achievement using research based interventions matched to the instructional need and level of the student.

    RtII provides all students with standards-aligned concepts and competencies, data-driven instruction and the additional support needed to achieve strong academic results.

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    Response to Instruction and Intervention Manual
    The  2016-2017 Response to Instruction and Intervention Manual and is available for download. It is a 62 page PDF at 1.2 MB.
    A Parent’s Guide to Response to Intervention (RtII)
    The National Center for Learning Disabilities’ RtII Action Network has developed this guide for parents and schools involved in implementing RtII in the elementary grades. As schools work to implement this new approach, some confusion may arise, so parents should feel free to ask questions and raise concerns along the way. Possible questions to ask appear on page 18.
     A Parent's Guide To RtII is available for download. It is a 20 page PDF at 733 KB.
Last Modified on June 27, 2016