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  • 2020-2021 SEASON AT A GLANCE (Always check coach communications for any additional information or schedule changes.)  

    9th Grade Tryouts--Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21 (details TBA)

    Meet the Player Night--Tuesday, December 1, 2020 (details TBA)

    Pre-Season Announcements:

    PIAA Winter Sports Physicals--due by November 13, 2020 PIAA Info

    Pre-season Workouts--Coach Scholly will announce pre-season workouts via email.  For pre-season workouts, all student-athletes must follow the same process used for summer workouts. There are two actions items that all student-athletes need to complete to participate in workouts:

    • Player Participation Acknowledgement Form - This must be completed once before participating in any workouts. To submit it, sending me an electronic copy is preferred but I will also accept a hard copy at the beginning of the player's first scheduled workout. If you submitted an Acknowledgement Form for summer workouts, you do not need to submit another one for these workouts. 
    • Daily Screening Electronic Form  - This self screening form must be completed each day a player is planning to participate in a workout. The results of the questionnaire will be sent to coaches so we are aware who is eligible to workout on that day. A player cannot participate in a workout if they have not completed this form earlier that day.
    During the workouts, the following protocols must be followed by all coaches and student-athletes participating in the workouts:
    • Masks must be worn by all individuals, except while physical activity is occurring. Therefore, players must wear a mask upon arrival to the workout and once it is completed. Coaches will be wearing masks at all times. There will also be hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies at the court at all times.

    • Any water bottles or beverages must be brought by players as there is no sharing of water bottles and we are not allowed to provide bottles. Therefore, make sure all players bring enough for the entire 40 minutes as there is also no refilling of bottles.

    Booster Club Activities

    Step up and be a part of our planning for next season! 

    Next Meeting:  The next regularly scheduled meeting will be November 9, 2020 via Zoom https://psu.zoom.us/j/2689769250

    Any other pre-season planning meetings or Booster club-sponsored events will be announced via email and will be listed on the websites. 

    Booster Club Meeting Minutes: October 12, 2020

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Seatback Takedown-Thanks for your Participation!

Seatback Takedown Photo

Meet the Players Night Photo

Meet the Players Night Photo
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