• Course Registration and Scheduling Timeline

    Teachers share course recommendations with students, and share information about courses within their respective departments.
    Counselors meet with all students in Social Studies classes to present course registration information.
    Course Recommendation Forms e-mailed home. Students may view their course recommendations through the Home Access Center.
    Parents/guardians may contact teachers with questions regarding course recommendations. (E-mail addresses are available on the district website.)

    Parent/guardians attend Parent Registration Night

    February - March
    Students complete requests of courses. This is done through the Home Access Center.
    End of March 
    Course requests are mailed home to parents/guardians. This is the last opportunity to make changes to course registration requests before individual schedules are prepared over the summer.*
    Late July  
    Schedules are computer generated based on requests submitted in March.  An email will be sent out to let students know when schedules become accessible on Home Access Center, along with instructions for making summer schedule change requests.
    Early August
    Counselors work on a limited basis to finalize schedules based on summer schedule change requests. Schedule changes are not necessarily processed on a first come, first served basis, but instead on priority level. Requests will not be honored without parent permission.  Schedule changes may not be reflected immediately due to the constant fluctuation in the master schedule and the ease of the request being made.  All schedules are subject to change due to staffing needs, program changes, etc. 
    Beginning of School Year
    Students may change schedules during the first two weeks of school for very limited reasons: please see the student handbook.
     Through-out the school year
    Schedule changes will be considered for limited reasons. For example:  level changes.  Please see your assigned counselor if you have questions.

     *Changes based on I.E.P. meetings may still be made after this deadline.

















Last Modified on March 27, 2017