• Chef Zach Lorber and students  
    Culinary Arts students will be prepared for entry-level positions in the hospitality and/or food service industry, as well as entrance into postsecondary schools of culinary arts and restaurant management. Students gain basic and advanced culinary knowledge and skills in the areas of food and equipment safety, legal guidelines of sanitation, recipe analysis and quantity food preparation.
    The 2-year program will prepare students for entry into the workforce as an entry-level cook or in the food preparation industry. The 4-year program will better help a student prepare for postsecondary education in the culinary arts.
    To learn more about Chef Lorber and our Culinary Arts Program, read this story.
    Chef Zach Lorber
    Culinary Arts Instructor
    Room F117 Dining Room / F118 Kitchen
    Office Phone: 814.272.8767
    Joanne Lopinsky
    Culinary Arts Paraprofessional
Last Modified on April 1, 2019