Delta Learning Enrichment Independent Contracts

    Welcome to the Delta Learning Enrichment Independent Contract! 

    Purpose :   An Independent Contract allows a student to explore learning opportunities that are not readily available at Delta. The success of this opportunity is determined by the student’s willingness to handle the independent nature of these learning experiences. The rigor and commitment of these experiences should be taken very seriously. As a public education program that is awarding credit for these opportunities, we are responsible to make sure that the credibility and integrity of this experience are upheld. Due to the demanding nature of the independent study experience, a student is only permitted to have two Independent Contracts open at one time. All students who want to complete an Independent Contract must follow the steps below. Work on the Independent Contract should not begin until you have a signed copy of the completed application.

     Checklist for the Independent Contract Process: 

    • Advising Team approves student pursuing Independent Contract.
    • Identify an accredited resource person for your field of study—this is a person outside of Delta (dance teacher, yoga instructor, etc…)! This person cannot be your parent.
    • Decide on your rationale, objectives, and any resources (texts, etc..) that you may need to complete your contract
    • Decide if you will pursue a letter grade or pass/fail grade
    • Decide on credits:  
      • .25 credit = 30 hours
      • .50 credit = 60 hours
      • 1.0 credit = 120 hours
    • Email Diane Reed, Learning Enrichment Teacher/Gifted Support teacher (dsr11@scasd.org) to get a copy of the pre-approval form. 
    • Complete the Pre-approval form according to the directions.  Gather necessary signatures indicated on the form. THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL CONTRACT (SEE NEXT STEPS)!!!   Clarification:  the certifying teacher is the teacher who will certify the work in your content area: ex. Michael= PE, James=music, Lynda or Shawn = Social Studies, etc……..)
    • Schedule an appointment to complete the contract paperwork with Diane Reed (dsr11@scasd.org)--please bring your chrome book and signed preplanning to this meeting.
    • Attend any scheduled check in meetings with LE teacher and update progress log on a regular basis.  Please note that times must be logged within 2 weeks of activity.
    • Final Evaluations will be given by the resource person and the certifying teacher (please note that the resource person may request to see your progress log that contains dates/times).
    • Your information will be sent to the central office to be posted to your transcript.

    Additional Information regarding PE Contracts:

    • Only 90 mins of activity per day may be recorded
    • No PIAA sports can be considered for contract hours
    • If you record games, tournaments, etc... you may only record "active time"
    • Seniors may not open PE contracts in the spring semester if credits are needed to graduate
    • Must complete a minimum of 15 hours in order for PE contract to be processed
    • You may not count any hours in which you participated in a paid position (coaching, etc...)
    • You may only open one PE contract per academic year (Fall or Spring) 

    Independent contracts can be a very rewarding learning opportunity.   If you need help with any part of the process, please schedule a time with Diane to discuss.

    ***Please note that any summer contracts must be pre-approved and paperwork opened with Diane BEFORE the last day of school—so plan ahead!


Last Modified on July 11, 2023