What does Delta mean to you?

    Students & parents were recently asked what Delta means to them. Here  are some of their responses:

    From Students:

    “The Delta Program means everything to me. Coming to Delta has changed every aspect of my life in a very positive way. By going to Delta I've learned a lot about responsibility and life. If I hadn't come to Delta this year I don't think I would be doing as well as I am right now. I was never really good in school,not because I wasn't a good student but because I didn't try and the staff and students at Delta have helped me see the positive sides of learning and they helped me understand that high school is the beginning of the rest of my life. Delta has helped me grow up and focus on the important things in life. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be in this school. The Delta Program is the second most important thing to me at this point in my life.”


    “Delta is a school that I’m excited to go to. Delta is my family and I feel accepted here. It is the only place where I’m completely comfortable.”

    “It’s a place where you are involved with decisions about you more than school meetings in the past.  You are more involved in assisting the community.”

    “The Delta program, to me means acceptance and freedom. I love being able to come to a school where if I wear a crazy outfit, I won't get stares, but I will get compliments. I love being able to come to a school where a teacher can leave the room for a couple minutes and can trust their students to do what's right. The Delta Program is like a second home to me. I'm comfortable here. In fact, if this place were a boarding school, I would stay here all day and night. I wouldn't give up going to this school for the world. Delta is my home. These people are my family.”

    “Delta is a school that I feel comfortable to ask questions and participate in classes. A community of students and teachers that I work well with and care about.  And teachers I can go to with any problems in or out of school.”

    “Delta is a very special place to me, I used to be so shy and only have one or two friends. Now I feel like many people are my friends. The classes are interesting and I actually want to take them instead of feeling like I don't have a choice. I feel like I can just walk up to one of the teachers and start talking to them, and ask them questions because it feels like there is no barrier surrounding them. This was my first year, and on the first day I felt like I belonged, and that does not happen often for me.”

    “To me The Delta Program is my home away from home. I know everyone, and everyone gets along. We are a giant family. Delta has helped me break out of my shell and become a more confident, responsible person. The friends that I have made during my time at Delta are ones that I will have for the rest of my life.”

    “The Delta Program means freedom, responsibility,and learning to count on yourselves more than just others. I feel I have matured just being here one year. I've made many friendships. It's part of the high school experience and I'm glad I came here.”

    “The Delta Program was the best thing that ever happened to me. I graduated in 2010 and always think back to the wonderful experiences I had at Delta. I transferred from the High School to Delta when I was a sophomore. Before going to Delta I felt lost. The regular high school just had so many kids it was easy to become just "another" face in the crowd. Delta is a community, the teachers care about their students and everyone cares about each other. I loved this feeling. You weren't judged on the way you talked, walked or how you dressed.You were just a person and your opinions mattered. I always know that no matter how many years pass I can always go back to Delta and the teachers I had will still remember me. To me that is just plain awesome! My goal in life is to one day; after I graduate college, teach at the Delta Program. I want to help others who were just like me truly appreciate the greatest years of their lives!”


    From Parents:

    “The Delta Program is analogous to a greenhouse; that is, an area used for cultivating tender plants. The program offers a wide array of courses and opportunities for students to get involved in their school community, but it also offers opportunities for students to connect with teachers and other students in a way that nurtures a true COMMUNITY.  I often marvel when I hear someone say, "Delta is a program for remedial students, right?" Delta is actually quite the opposite! Delta is perfect for students who are highly motivated, creative, and who are independent thinkers...NOT for slackers.  Delta offers students opportunities for taking Penn State courses, independent study in an area of interest, and a host of other learning opportunities.”

    "I am a Professor at Penn State University and over the years I have taught students from all over the country. I believe that the Delta Program prepares students for college as well as, or better than, what one might consider a"traditional" high school experience. The individual attention the students receive from teachers, the students' participation in becoming autonomous and critical thinkers, and the opportunities for growth that are offered by the Delta Program establish this program as one with high merit for preparing students for university experience.”


    “My daughter chose The Delta Program in part because of the community that Delta provides.  She had previously attended State High, but felt that that environment was too big and impersonal for her.  When she transferred to Delta, it was a lifesaver for her - she thrived both academically and personally.  Delta is a very supportive environment that ensures that students get engaged in their own learning as well as the broader community. 

    "My daughter also has learned more in the thematic courses offered at Delta in comparison to the traditional courses she took at the high school.   The emphasis on service learning is also right up her alley and is great preparation for students continuing onto college, particularly those schools with an emphasis on community service as part of their curriculum."

    “I don't know what we would have done if Delta was not available as an alternative for her.  It was a lifesaver!”


    “My child chose to attend Delta in her 9th grade year after an open house visit to Delta in her last year at Mount Nittany Middle School. Before that, she always objected to any mention of attending the Delta program.  On the day of the field trip I remember her coming home and being extremely excited over everything that Delta offered.  Having known several things about the program, I had always thought that Delta would be good fit for my daughter.  Aside from being supportive of my daughter’s decision, I was hoping all along that she would make the decision to give Delta a try.  Next year she will graduate from Delta with the Class of 2012!”

    “Delta is not for everyone but it has been a great place for most of my children.  Even if you have a child who is a bit flighty and not very aware of time, Delta will work with your child to give him/her the ability to accept the responsibilities inherent in an open campus structure.  My children who have gone on to Universities were more successful there because they learned to be responsible partners in their education while at Delta.”


Last Modified on July 6, 2023