*PV Clinic will be held on Saturday, March 24th from 12-4 in the HSN Gym with high school Coach Joe Sarra- jbs5213@gmail.com.  All students must complete concussion testing before being allowed to participate.  
    Please take some time to review the information on the State College Track and Field Clothing order.  Aside from concession sales, this is the only fundraiser we will do for the year.  Please support our programs!
    SCTF:   CLOTHING ORDER 2018                      Due March 23rd
    If you are not receiving track emails and want to, please fill out the Google Form.
    Parent Transportation Release Form- we will have copies with us at meets if you want to transport your student home.  Students may only ride with their parents or guardians.  They will not be released to friends or other family members.
    Welcome to the 2018 Middle School Track Website! 
    Head Coaches-
    Dave Henderson - drh18@scasd.org
    Bob Sutherland - (814) 466-6353
    Distance Coaches (400M-3200M)-
    Mark Fedkin -ntfx.club@gmail.com
    Wyatt Kline- Wyattkline97@gmail
    Sprints/Hurdles (100M-400M)-
    Katelyn Cline- kek5092@gmail.com
    Alex Banerjee- alexkbanerjee@gmail.com
    Throwing Coach (Shot and Disc)-
    Jim Flanagan -jmsaflanagan@gmail.com
    Jumping Coach (Long, High, and Triple)-
    Dave Cramer-dacramer7555@gmail.com
    Link to an overview of various track and field events for those new to the sport: 
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