Aligning Project Goals and Guiding Principles
    Guiding Principle Goal 1: Improve outdated facilities Goal 2: Strengthen relationships Goal 3: Foster a secure, healthy & nurturing environment Goal 4: Rigorous programs and more personalized learning for every student
    1. Relationships are a cornerstone of academic achievement.     Check    
    2. Relevance motivates students to pursue understanding.          Check
    3. Diverse student interests and abilities must be celebrated.
        Check    Check
    4. Best practices are embraced, and both rigor and innovation are expected.
    5. Environmental stewardship promotes global citizenship.
    6. Human, physical and financial responsibility fosters community support.
      Check   Check    
    7. A safe, healthy and nurturing environment meets holistic needs of learners.
      Check   Check   Check  
    8. Learning extends past the bell schedule and beyond the campus.
    9. Technology is a powerful TOOL for teaching and learning.
    10. Choice is a foundation of student-centered learning.

    11. The school is a hub of community activity.
     Check  Check  Check
Last Modified on May 20, 2013