Community Survey
    a survey
    The District's Board of Directors hireSocial Science Research Solutions (SSRS), a professional survey firm, to conduct a scientifically rigorous, randomized survey of the residents of our school district regarding the ongoing high school project. SSRS will ensure high quality sampling, data analysis and reporting. 
    The goals for this survey were to:
    • Assist the board in narrowing the concepts
    • Identify which preliminary concepts are most/least supported of the community
    • Help the board understand how much the community is willing and able to invest in the high school project
    • Provide the board with evidence-based data in order to narrow down the potential design concepts.
    Because all eligible voters will have the opportunity to vote on the funding for this project at an upcoming election, we believed it to be important that every citizen had an equal chance to be surveyed as part of this process. Therefore, the survey was mailed to 6,750 households within the SCASD municipalities, and the results were demographically weighted to represent the demographics of our community. By allowing only those randomly selected for the survey mailing to answer the survey, we sought to minimize selection bias in our sample and gain more reliable data from our community.
    Please be assured that we absolutely welcome feedback from all community members through a) attending any of the community meetings held by our district, b) email to the School Board, c) the comment dropbox on this website, and d) attending Board meetings. Our Board will be listening to the community through not only survey results but also these other means of communication.
    The Survey Document:
    Click here to view the survey document. Survey submission closed on June 17, 2013. The complete results were presented to the Board of Directors at the July 15, 2013, board meeting.

    Please Note: Social Science Research Solutions (SSRS) advised the Board of Directors to only release the survey document after the closing date of the data collection period. Releasing the survey while residents were actively completing it ran the risk of potential bias. 
Last Modified on January 15, 2015