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    The following is a brief description of the Ac Lit course:
    The purpose of this course is for students to review and extend literacy skills practiced in the seventh grade course. Throughout this course, students will build critical thinking skills to access, analyze, and evaluate more complex texts.  Students will continue to develop extensive reading and metacognitive conversations through inquiry-based learning. In addition, students will identify, analyze, and evaluate textual claims and evidence in order to establish their own substantiated claims or positions.  Students will develop as readers and thinkers through exploration of personal, informational, visual, and communication literacy.
    If you want to know more about what we'll be doing in Academic Literacy, check out the course syllabus below. 

    Academic Literacy Syllabus

    Ac. Lit. Agenda/Homework Chart

    • What Do We Need For Ac. Lit.?
      • Pencils and Pens (more than one)
      • Charged Chromebooks
      • Earbuds
      • Something to read
      • Positive Attitude!
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