English Language Development (ELD)

  • ELD Program Goals

    The ELD Program provides English Language Learners K-12 with an instructional curriculum that will enable them to fully participate in their educational experience in school and in their social lives in the community. The ELD Program K-12 is content-based and aligned with the Pennsylvania English Language Proficiency and Academic Standards. Language instruction focuses on developing communication and literacy skills as well academic knowledge in the content areas of math, science, social studies, and American culture.

    ELD Program Eligibility

    As required by federal law, in order to determine if your child qualifies for English Language Development (ELD) instruction, he/she will be given an English language proficiency test.  This test will determine if he/she qualifies for ELD instruction in order to comprehend daily lessons and participate socially in school. Your child will be tested in English reading, writing, speaking and listening. The test scores will indicate that he/she is eligible to receive ELD instruction in a program designed to help students acquire English language proficiency and access grade level content instruction.

    Elementary ELD Program

    ELD support at the elementary level is provided at ELD centers, which are located at Park Forest, Radio Park, Easterly Parkway, and Mount Nittany Elementary Schools. Elementary students who qualify for ELD support are enrolled in the ELD center school that is nearest to their home until they have exited from the ELD program. This arrangement enables students to receive the required amount of ELD support during the language learning process. Transportation is provided by the school district.

    English language learners in grades K-5 spend from 30-90 minutes in a content-based pull-out program. The ELD Program supplements, but does not replace, the language arts and social studies program of the mainstream classroom. ELs are fully integrated in the instructional curriculum of their grade level classrooms. The ELD and classroom teachers work together to plan an instructional program that meets the language and academic needs of each student. ELD schedules are coordinated so that students are included in important classroom time and in weekly library, art, music, and physical education classes.

    Middle School ELD Program

    At the middle school level ELD language support is a scheduled course for English learners. Students are also enrolled in an ELD Social Studies course, which provides a "sheltered" social studies curriculum as well as instructional activities related to American culture.

    High School ELD Program

    At the high school level ELD language support is a scheduled class for which the student receives graduation credit. Specialized instructional materials are used for ELD/Social Studies that is offered in lieu of a regular social studies course. Specific ELD instruction at the secondary level constitutes 12-25% of the school day.

    Parental Right to Refuse ELD Services 

    If you are considering opting out of ELD services:

    Contact your child’s ELD teacher to discuss the needs of your child. If necessary, schedule a meeting with your child’s ELD teacher and an administrator 

    State law mandates the completion of a Parental Waiver Form to formally decline services

Last Modified on November 17, 2023