• A Letter from Kileigh 

    In past years, my experience at school hasn’t been the greatest. I always felt like people were judging or making fun of me for what I wore or how I acted. When I heard about Delta, I knew I wanted to come here. I’d applied and got accepted to Delta Middle, but all around me, people were saying I shouldn’t go there because it was for the “bad” kids, and the kids that did drugs and made bad choices. I couldn’t help but start to believe everything that everyone was saying. But when I got here, I was so relieved that this wasn’t a school for those types of people.
    At Delta, I felt that I could be myself without other people caring. I knew no one would be saying mean things about me behind my back, because everyone accepted me. This isn’t a place for “bad” kids to come and learn, this is a place that kids come to so they can feel accepted for who they are, and they know they can be themselves without the fear of others saying something to them. People come here because something was holding them back from learning at previous schools. At Delta, people want to learn, and people want to show off their interests and obsessions, and they don’t feel ashamed or unwelcomed because of it. Everyone here is accepting of differences and it’s a place where we can all be ourselves without the fear of criticism. 
    Thanks to everyone who took the leap of faith to join this program. It’s risky to change schools without really knowing what you’re getting into. But we did, even with all the criticism we  got from our peers at other schools. Thanks to the teachers, Jon, and students for making this first year at Delta Middle the best. We made it through without anyone giving up on this program, and that’s something that we can all be grateful for. 
    Kileigh Kane
Last Modified on September 21, 2015