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    Welcome to Mrs. Pezalski's Webpage!


    I am so excited about teaching Advanced Math at Mount Nittany Middle School.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns at jmp51@scasd.org. I am in room 145 and my schedule is listed below.


    Odd Days: Period 1/2 - Advanced Geometry

                      Period 3/4- Advanced Algebra 1 (7th grade)

                      Period 5/6- Advanced Geometry


    Supplies for both Geometry and Algebra 1

    1. TI-84 (plus) Graphing Calculator: While this is optional, it is highly recommended since it will be used in every math course moving forward. If you choose not to purchase a calculator, one can be signed out for the year, but it will need to be returned when the year is over.

    2. Pencils

    3. Binder for materials with some lined paper (can share binder with another class).

    4. Box of Tissues (optional, but appreciated)

    5. White board markers (optional, but appreciated)