• Welcome!  My name is Mrs. Zerphy.  (The "ph" makes the "f" sound.)  I look forward to meeting learners where they are at both in place and pace on their learning adventures! 

    Just like you - I have an insatiable love of learning.  I have taught in private, public, homeschool, and environmental outreach settings & provided advising/college planning.  In addition, I have had the pleasure of advising and evaluating portfolios of K-12 Gifted and Twice Exceptional students in homeschool communities in Maryland and Pennsylvania. 

    I have enjoyed living in the states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Connecticut, and Maryland.  While I grew up in Eastern PA, I am a Penn State alum, and it is lovely to now call Central PA home.  

    Here's to a wonderful year of growth and a lifelong love of learning!


    Have a Good Week





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