Resolving a Concern

  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding a student, please follow the steps below in order to resolve the issue. 

    1. Teacher or Counselor
    2. Principal
    3. Assistant Superintendent
    4. Superintendent
    5. Board of Directors

    The steps above are derived from the policy manual approved by the SCASD Board of Directors. It states: At times, a parent or other school district resident may become sufficiently concerned over a situation in the schools and seek to have a change made or to have some corrective action taken. In such cases, the complainant is encouraged to share such concerns with the appropriate school personnel. The Board believes: (1) that complaints are best resolved on a person-to-person basis as close to the origin of the problem as possible; and (2) that all employees should be given every opportunity to consider the issues and attempt to resolve a problem within the parameters of district policies and procedures prior to involvement by the Board.