• Celebrating Our Staff: SPOTLIGHTS!

    Tammy Slys


    Tammy has been with SCASD since 2004 and cares for our children as a bus driver.  She loves children and chose this profession to be supportive of her own children and those whom she interacts with each day.  Tammy is dependable, hardworking, friendly, and gets along with everyone. She finds her work very rewarding and especially enjoys seeing the children grow and develop year to year.  Her favorite thing about working here is seeing her kids grow up in our schools and being a part of the district.  Tammy says, "Be the best you can at whatever you choose to do in life and be whoever you are, no matter what. But most importantly, treat everyone the way that you would like to be treated. 


    Sherri Washington


    Sherri Washington has been with SCASD for over 17 years and cares for our children as an elementary special education paraprofessional.  Like Tammy, Sherri was drawn to work in the schools where her children learn and grow.  Additionally, she is drawn to this work to add representation in a profession historically lacking in diversity, which helps her to support children uniquely in their learning and educational endeavors.  When asked what makes her want and choose to continue to work here, Sherri shared that it is "Some of the staff," speaking to the power of relationships. She takes pride in seeing the light in children's eyes and their ability to be in the moment with their innocence and vulnerability.  What matters to her is educating students and staff about the experience of African American women.  Sherri is positive, fun-loving, caring, hardworking, and nurturer.  She says "Opportunities are everything.  Not everyone gets the same opportunities, yet we have to work hard to overcome and endure both obstacles and challenges."

    Jocelyn Mitchell-King


    Jocelyn has been with SCASD since 2015 and cares for our children as a Social-Emotional Learning Specialist.  She brings a unique perspective to her role, fostering deeper connections through her interactions with small groups of students. Jocelyn actively contributes to the well-being of students and the school community inside and outside the classroom and through many student activities.  She especially values understanding student traumas and mental well-being, which has transformed her into a more compassionate educator.  Jocelyn also advocates for teachers' mental health and is committed to establishing a comprehensive and inclusive support system for all.  She sees the importance of black students having role models in leadership positions.  Every day, Jocelyn focuses on putting kids at the center of decision-making.  Jocelyn is dedicated, compassionate, and advocates for others.  We celebrate Jocelyn for her positive impact, and thank her for shaping the future of our students.

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Last Modified on February 7, 2024