Student Outreach Services

    The State College Area High School has an anonymous tip line (814-235-4999) for students and the public to use to report any drug activity or any other type of criminal activity.  Callers will remain anonymous.

    In an emergency situation, you should always rely upon the following resources: 

    • If you are in school and have a safety-related concern of any kind, seek the help of any trusted adult in our school immediately (teacher, counselor, principal, nurse, paraprofessional, staff assistant, etc.).  
    • If something occurs outside of the school day, seek help from a parent or guardian.  
    • If you encounter any life-threatening emergency, always call 911 immediately.


    After you've assessed the situation and determined that it does not require an immediate response, there are other school resources upon which you can rely.  SOS is here to help you decide what resource is best for different scenarios.  


    contact SAFE2SAY

    The SAFE2SAY line is appropriate to contact concerning threats, behaviors, actions and harassment. Examples include bullying or intimidation, threats of self-harm or bragging about planning an attack, violence, depression and social isolation, reckless behavior and substance abuse.

  • SAP

    file a SAP report

    A SAP referral is appropriate for any non-urgent concern related to something that is a barrier to learning, or is preventing a student from being successful in school (substance use, mental health, or other).


    file a REACT report

    REACT is a group whose aim is to help any State high community member who feels that she or he is a victim of an act of bias or discriminatory behaviorREACT is not a punitive entity. The mission of this initiative is to promote education and dialogue around issues of diversity and inclusion.

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