• Enrollment Procedures for 2022-23

    Prospective Students & Families should follow the Steps below if interested in The Delta Program

    Step 1: Make an appointment with the Director by calling (814) 231-1000
    Step 2: Please complete an application by level
        -Delta High School (Grades 9-12): Delta High Application
        -Delta Middle School (Grades 6-8): Delta Middle Application
    Step 3: After an enrollment slot is secured we will be in contact to set up a day for the student to come in and shadow. 

    Additional Info regarding 2022-23 Enrollment: 

    ~Delta enrollment is a fluid process. We currently have a waitlist for both Delta Middle and Delta High 2022-23 enrollment.
    ~You can still turn in an application at anytime. All applications for the 2022-23 school year are currently being put on a waitlist.
    ~Please contact us at (814) 231-1000 to set up a meeting to speak with Jon Downs

    Enrollment Procedures for 2023-2024

    • Students currently enrolled in Delta receive priority enrollment for the subsequent school year. 
    • Delta middle school students receive priority enrollment into the Delta High School program.
    • All non-Delta students (grades 5-11) must complete an application to Delta in order to be considered for the 2023-2024 school year. These students are required to complete an application and meet with the program director. Applications from students enrolled in grades below fifth grade will not be accepted.
    • For all applications submitted prior to the third Monday of December 2022: 
      1. If the number of applications is greater than the projected openings for the subsequent school year, then the program director will conduct a lottery to determine admission. 

      2. The lottery will be conducted in the Delta Office Conference Room with the program director, the district director of student services, and faculty representatives. 

      3. The lottery will rank order every applicant. 

      4. For students who gain admission, the program director will contact families in writing to extend an offer. We will also encourage the accepted student to shadow a current Delta student for the day.

      5. For students who do not gain admission at that time (applications complete prior to third Monday in December 2022), a waitlist will be established based on the order determined via the lottery. For students not gaining admission prior to the following school year, the program director will offer priority admission during the next enrollment cycle. 

      6. Any subsequent applicants will be added to the end of the waitlist. As openings become available, applicants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Should any student in this situation not gain admission for the desired year, these students may request to be included in the application pool for the following school year, without priority enrollment.

      7. If the number of applicants is fewer than the projected openings for the subsequent school year, then all applicants will be offered admission.  We will also encourage the accepted student to shadow a current Delta student for the day.
    • If at any time a student chooses to leave the program, he or she will need to apply again to return, without any priority status.