• Mount Nittany Middle School

    Members of Student Council


    Emily Davis - President

    Bryson VanScyoc - Secretary

    Brynn Pezalski - Treasurer

    Sophia Miller & Scarlett Cline - Blue Team Representatives

    Advait Badve & Emma Stout - Yellow Team Representatives

    Haydn Matthew & Anthony Zayac -  Green Team Representatives

    Luke Revis & Samuel Seman - Purple Team Representatives

    Caecilia Felts & Penelope Hall - Orange Team Representatives

    Lauren Craft & Sergei Zhdanov - Red Team Representatives

    Non-voting members of the Student Council:

    Uli Gal

    Student Council Advisor:  Kelly Corman (kjc14@scasd.org)


    A student council is a group of student leaders who work with an adult advisor (Mrs. Corman) to collaborate with others to impact their school community, which impacts their city or town, which impacts our state, which impacts our country, which changes the world.


    1. To initiate, implement, and complete projects and activities which will be of help to the school, the students, the faculty, the administration, the Board of Trustees and the community. 
    2. To develop and provide opportunities for leadership and service in the local school and in the community. 
    3. To encourage personal growth of leaders through participation in district, state and national meetings and organizations. 
    4. To provide a living workshop of democratic processes, through such activities as elections, participation in a constitutional representative assembly, etc. 
    5. To contribute to the educational experiences of students by providing them with a positive involvement in the school, with widened areas of responsibility and with more direct participation in organizing and implementing activities. 
    6. To promote respect for law and order and the general welfare of the school and community. 
    7. To promote an awareness of human relations, of power structures and how one effectively operates within them. These objectives are realistically approached through increasing avenues of cooperation among the administration, faculty and students.
    8. To provide a viable means for student expression and an increasing amount of self-direction. 
    9. To improve understanding between and within groups through interaction and communication. 
    10. To develop student potential and encourage people to have a well-informed, honest, interested and active citizenship. 
    11. To develop not only leadership abilities within the youth of today, but also leadership for the community, state and nation of tomorrow. In this process, it is also the objective to develop an awareness of good leadership qualities, hopefully, for a more informed, concerned and active citizenry of tomorrow. 
    12. To increase student involvement and school pride.


Last Modified on January 26, 2024