• 8th grade Art with Mrs. Anderson in Rm 243

    Orange team, Fall 2022/ Red Team, Spring 2023

    Contact me: axa14@scasd.org

    We will use Synergy and Google Classroom as our digital spaces

    1. Google Classroom connects to Synergy
    2. Google Sites  - Please do a search in your google drive, and find your 6th and or 7th grade Google “Art site”  We will build a web page for 8th grade Art
    3. Google Drive  - Most of you have already done this; please make a FOLDER just for Art class docs and photos                                                                                                          
      Google Classroom Logo, history, meaning, symbol, PNG
    Students, look for "ART 8" in  google classroom
    Please check your email regularly for updates.
Last Modified on August 18, 2022