• Mission Statement
    The mission of the middle schools is to develop responsible, productive, and effective individuals who demonstrate life long learning skills, embrace cultural diversity, show respect for self and the rights of others, work cooperatively, and practice good citizenship.
    Our PFMS Goals:
    • foster a child-centered program which integrates academic excellence with the social, emotional, and physical development of all students;
    • provide a supportive, child-centered climate that cultivates individual strengths and talents;
    • value each individual by encouraging the acceptance of diversity;
    • develop positive self-esteem in each student;
    • offer a challenging and appropriate program of studies that emphasizes life-long learning skills;
    • encourage cooperation among students;
    • foster a sense of individual responsibility and citizenship;
    • engage students in active learning through a wide variety of experiences;
    • develop attitudes and skills that promote physical and mental well-being; and
    • enable students to see the connections among various fields of knowledge.
Last Modified on July 14, 2022