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    "There is no learning without having to pose a question."


    Both grades this year will be using the claims-evidence-reasoning framework closely mirrored in their English and social studies classes in the claims-data-warrant frame for persuasive writing. The goal is to guide the students in developing the ability to justify their conclusions using strong evidence and great explanations.
    7th grade science overview

    This year in 7th grade science you will be studying various topics through the physical, Earth, and life sciences. This will include physics to begin the year before transitioning into some interesting investigations into the properties of water. This will be followed by investigating the forces that shape the Earth's surface before finishing the year by looking into the necessary requirements for keeping complex biological systems in balance (between living things)

    8th grade science overview

    The 8th grade Falcons will begin the year focusing on the chemical principles that guide much of the universe. This series of intensive units will be followed by an Earth science focus on weather, climate, and climate change. The year will end will investigations into genetics, heredity, and evolution.

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