• Health Professions & Sports Therapy and Exercise Science
    Program Introduction
    The Health Professions (HP) & Sports Therapy and Exercise Science (STES) programs provide students in grades 9-12 with the opportunity to explore the professions of the healthcare and fitness while in high school. Courses in Clinical Observations, the Language of Medicine, Heath Systems & Professions, Health Care Evidence & Research, Sports Medicine, Personal Training, Anatomy & Physiology and Nurse Aide Training create an blend of theory and hands-on practical learning to prepare for college level health care education or entry into the workplace.  Courses are theory and project-based, challenging, fast paced and fun.  After introductory coursework, students may elect to follow a general medical/nursing pathway or a sports medicine/fitness pathway.  Unique opportunities through HP or STES by Appointment (teaching assistant) and HP Research Fellows exist for students wanting to add independence and leadership to their experience in HP or STES.

    Instructors: Maryanne Neal, M. Ed, RN, BSN, mtn11@scasd.org

                     Donna Woolley, RN-BC, WCC dlr17@scasd.org
                     Dr. Jennifer Reed, DPT, MEd, ATC, Cert. MDT, ACSM CPT jlr42@scasd.org
                      Kathy Seeland, BS-Biology kjs13@scasd.org
Last Modified on December 14, 2017