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    Counseling FAX: 814-231-1044
    Summer Office Hours are uncertain at this time.
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    Summer Secretary: Stephanie Blake  sjb40@scasd.org 

     At State High, we are always working to find ways to support students’ behavioral and emotional needs.  Students may make an appointment to see their assigned school counselor preferably during study hall or lunch.  Students may also stop in to the counseling office at any time.  If their counselor is not available at that time, students are encouraged to make an appointment with the staff assistant,  or they may email their counselor directly to make an appointment. The primary role of the Counseling Department is to address all students' academic, career, and personal social/emotional development needs by offering comprehensive school counseling services that promote and enhance student success.  

    Eight high school counselors and a Delta/Virtual/RIT counselor make up the counseling staff. Counselors are here to assist students/families on a wide range of topics: ranging from assistance in the management of personal mental health matters to guiding students/families as they make difficult post secondary decisions. At State High, school counselors wear many hats and serve a wide variety of student needs including, but not limited to:

    • Crisis management and referral to outside agencies as needed.
    • Academic counseling and advising with assistance in planning the high school program/schedule.
    • Family support and assistance in decision making as needed.
    • Post-secondary counseling and advising, as well as, assistance with the college application process and letters of recommendation.
    • Short term personal, social, and emotional counseling/support, and referrals as needed.
    • Assistance with vocational planning and advising.
    • Facilitation with parent/guardian/teacher communication re: student progress and academic achievement.
    • Other school-related duties such as serving on committees or serving in extracurricular roles.

    There are two permanent counselors assigned to the 9th grade Learning Community Team. These counselors focus specifically on helping students to successfully make the transition from middle to high school. Learn more about our 9LC Mission and happenings here: 9th Grade Learning Community.

    In tenth grade, all students will then be assigned (alphabetically) to a new and permanent high school counselor who will remain with these students for the next three years. This arrangement fosters a close relationship between students, families and their school counselor, thereby making the high school experience more satisfying and complete. 

    The Delta/Virtual/RIT counselor works with students who attend The Delta Program, a non-traditional high school program, and those who are enrolled in the RIT Program (Reclaiming Individual Talents) and our Virtual  program.  

    We also have a full time Home & School Visitor https://www.scasd.org/Page/1245 and a Family & School Outreach/School Counselor https://www.scasd.org/familyoutreach as a part of the Counseling Department.                                                   

    Two lead counselors serve as additional resources for students and families by planning, coordinating, and assessing team activities and facilitating counseling programs throughout the year.  Lead counselors also facilitate communication among individual team members and conducts team meetings, and facilitates communication between the counseling department and administrators, specialists, and/or all other departments as appropriate.  The lead counselors also communicate regularly with parents via publications, twitter and Facebook, and performs other related duties as needed in order to help everyone understand the college planning process and its impact on students.
    Many of our counselors have had an abundance of experience in secondary education and look forward to working with the students and families at our high school. It is our goal and commitment to respect and support all students at State High within a safe and nurturing environment that welcomes everyone.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us.  It is our privilege to serve them  - helping them to reach their academic potential.
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