2022-2023 Summer Schedule Changes 

    Beginning June 9, 2022 by 12pm, students and families in grades 9-12 will be able to access their 2022-23 student schedules in Parent/StudentVUE. The schedules can be found by logging in and then selecting “Documents” from the left menu option. You will see “2022-23 Student Schedule” as an attachment inside this option. 

    If you are unable to login and need to have your child’s schedule sent to you please contact the State High counseling office at 814-231-1130.

    If you are having trouble logging into your Parent/StudentVUE accounts please contact itsupport@scasd.org.

    Our window for schedule change requests is June 9th - June 16th.   After June 16th,  no schedule change requests will be accepted


    Directions for Summer Schedule Changes:

    • Students in grades 9-11 are required to take a minimum of 6.5 credits and 12th grade students are required to take a minimum of 6.0 credits. 
      • You should be scheduled for a course in each core subject (English, Social Studies, Science, and Math), PE, Health (9th and 11th grade), and a combination of elective credits.
    • If you wish to request a summer schedule change, you must complete the summer schedule change form. Counselors will NOT process any request without a completed form returned to the counseling office in one of the following ways (DO NOT email your individual school counselor your schedule change form):
      • Scan and email to: schedule_change@scasd.org
      • Drop Off: Student/parent returns schedule change form to the box provided at the back main office entrance between the hours of 8:00am-12:00pm M-F
      • Fax the completed form to 814-235-3039
    • Students can only submit 1 summer schedule change form.


    Important Notes for Summer Schedule Changes:

    • All schedules are subject to change at any time due to staffing needs, program changes, fluctuations of the master schedule, etc.
    • Due to the constraints of the master schedule, it may not be possible to make schedule changes to accommodate extracurricular activities, including athletics
    • Be aware that other classes may need to be relocated in your schedule to accommodate your schedule change request. 
    • School Counselors work on summer schedule change request for the duration of the open window. If you do not see your schedule updated in StudentVue, please understand that they are still working on processing your request.  




Last Modified on March 24, 2023